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Welcome back pet lovers and more specifically you dog owners who want to keep your pet fit. This post is going to be discussing the XDog Vest and why it’s so amazing for any and all dogs. It’s a product I’ve been wanting for a while and just recently got for my dogs. I got one vest for them to share but do plan to get a second so they can both wear the vest at the same time.

Animal Obesity

Obesity is real in animals and the truth is most pet owners don’t believe their animal is over weight. It’s a serious issue in our pets just like it is for us, humans. The XDog Vest is a game changer and can truly help combat canine obesity.

XDog Vest - Weighted Dog Vest by XDog

XDog Vest – Weight and Fitness

Just a handful of the benefits your dog can get from wearing the XDog Vest are, building healthy muscle, Ignite Perfomance Levels, Combat Obesity, Reduces Anxiety, Strengthens Cardiovascular Health, and Max out Strength. I’ll be covering a few of these topics below. Of course there is so much I can discuss on the topic of dog health and it’s benefits but that means you’d be here for weeks reading about it.

Ignite Performance Levels

This is beneficial if you have a dog who does agility or competes. Even if your dog is just a pet who doesn’t do sports, Performance Levels are great. It allows them to grow as a dog and perform better and better.

It’s great if you want to have a fast dog or even have a dog who never seems to run out of energy. The xdog vest will provide weight to tire them out but in doing so, it’ll grow to make them even stronger and reach their personal best.

I love seeing how much my dogs enjoy their vests and how much stronger they seem to be already. My dogs haven’t had their vests that long but my friends dogs are just amazing with their transformation.

Anxiety Reducer

This is something most pet owners deal with often. Your dog can suffer from anxiety for a variety of reasons but don’t panic, this vest can help! Due to the xdog vest being snug, it provides them with a hugging sensation which helps your dog to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

It may not be a cure for separation anxiety but it can help with anxiety or stressors caused by other things such as fireworks or even other dogs. You can place it on your dog to feel comfortable but allow them to wear it all day long while you are home. It helps reduce anxiety while also giving them a bit of a workout.

I can’t provide a personal story on this as I currently haven’t discovered anything that causes anxiety within my dogs but if I ever do I’ll be putting this vest to the test.

Strengthens Cardiovascular Health

A fantastic benefit to the XDog Vest is to strengthen their cardiovascular health. This is massively beneficial as having a healthy pet means they can enjoy more adventures with you. Phsyical exercise is wonderful for your dog and ensuring they have a strong heart to keep up with it is important.

xdog vest performance and fitness
xdog vest discount code

A fantastic thing to remember or know about this vest is that it is fully waterproof so it’s great for beach adventures or dips in the pool. You can even use it in lakes or rivers if your dog enjoys exploring there. It’s great knowing that water won’t ruin your vest because we all know a dog who is obsessed with water.

Red xdog vest

They currently have a black vest that is available but you can PRE-ORDER the XDog Vest in red! It’s nice to know you aren’t stuck with just one color option. If you partake in the pre-order you are entered for a chance to win some supplements for your dog too! I mean, it’s simply PERFECT!

When you order, use our code KAI to save 10% off your purchase.
I wouldn’t promote this product or invest my own money if I didn’t absolutely love it for my own dogs.

xdog weight and fitness vest

XDog not only created a high quality fantastic and useful dog vest, they also have other products/accessories you can use along with the vest. These are the xdog parachute, xdog resistance band, and the xdog weighted drag bag.

I’ll be sure to do more posts on the accessories and their uses and benefits. These accessories just bring your dogs workout to a higher level. I fully plan to try them out, especially with my shepherd who has boundless amounts on energy.

Don’t forget to use our code KAI upon checkout to save yourself 10% off your order. If you purchase a supplement subscription you will receive 20% off your order.

The XDog Weighted and Fitness Vest is beneficial for your dog. Read the blog to snag a xdog vest discount code.

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    1. Hello. It definitely can. I know it’s helped other dogs we have been nervous and/or anxious and there’s many success stories.

  1. WOW this is really interesting, I have never heard of them. Layla thank goodness is perfect weight but will keep this in mind for the future or if I see anyone talking about their problems.

    1. So glad to hear your pup is a perfect weight. My dogs stay at a good weight too but I just want them to have a bit more muscle on them and to help tire them out a bit more psychically when adventuring or playing.

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