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If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a pair of Vest shoes, then keep reading. This should help you decide to make the purchase. Vessi has created stylish yet comfy waterproof shoes. I absolutely love my Weekend Chelsea boots and my partner loves his pair weekend sneakers from them. Being that I live in Florida and the weather changes throughout the day and where I live there’s areas of the street and such that flood or create big puddles, waterproof shoes are so nice!

I wanted a pair of shoes that I could wear daily that were both comfortable yet stylish. The waterproof factor is a huge bonus and I’m thankful for that as well. The boots aren’t so athletic but they have other options that are, such as the weekend sneakers my partner got.

  • Waterproof – They can repel water to keep your socks dry during the random bursts of rain of Florida
  • Comfort – A shoe I can wear daily that don’t hurt my feet while I wear them, even for hours and hours
  • Style – Shoes that can fit just about any outfit whether I dress up a bit or dress down in daily attire
  • Easy to put On/Take Off – I like a shoe that I can quickly put on or take off when I’m running late or just need to run outside for something quickly

Waterproof Shoes by Vessi

I came across these shoes thanks to social media, specifically Instagram where I have an account showing off my dogs and occasionally my cats. If you are interested in checking out this shoe brand or buying yourself a pair of waterproof shoes from Vessi, click here to shop their website.
Be sure to also use the code BARKWITHIT to save yourself some money.

Sizing for Vessi

One thing to consider is that they don’t offer half sizes and recommend you size up for a better fit. I wear a size 7.5 usually and sized up to an 8 and love the way it fits. It’s snug but not too snug at all which is very nice. I also got my spouse a pair of shoes, and he wears a size 11 and got that same size of this Vessi shoes, and they fit him wonderfully.

Comfort & Fit

The pair of Vessi shoes I got are the boots. The area around the ankles isn’t tight at all. It’s loose and open and I like that but also know that if it rains or you’d have to walk through inches and inches of snow, you’d probably end up with wet socks depending on how bad the rain is or how many inches of snow. Snow isn’t an issue where I live but in really bad rainstorms my socks have gotten wet, albeit it was also starting to flood during one of them.

I find these shoes comfortable as does my spouse although he did complain at the start how tight and snug they were. Once he broke them in and they sort of stretched out to fit his foot, he likes how they feel more than at the start. My shoes have felt great and fit my feet nicely from the beginning. I can’t wait to get myself another pair, that isn’t the boot style. I wear my Vessi shoes daily because they’re comfortable and being waterproof shoes, I just love that.

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