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If you are looking for a fun toy but also a new and exciting way to feed your dog, check out the toppl treat toy. I use it for enrichment with my dogs and it’s super helpful. It’s a good way to change up how your dog gets fed their meals.

It’s super easy to just toss the food into it and give it to your dog. You can always add variety and use it for when you need your dog to just not be running around too.

Toppl Treat Toy

The toppl is essentially a cup like toy. The bottom isn’t flat, it’s rounded which allows it to wobble. It’s available in two different sizes and comes in three different colors. This toy is bell-shaped and has soft rubber structured interior that allows you to stick treats in it until your dog nudges them out. There is an additional hole on the side which allows your dog to smell and sniff out what is inside the toppl.

Toppl Treat Toy, West Paw Toppl

The blue toppl in the photo is the large size. If you opt to get both the small and large sizes, you have an added bonus feature. You can connect the two and make it an even bigger challenge for your dog. The small toppl fits inside the large toppl making for added fun. Connecting them allows it to also be a bit of a treat dispenser toy as well.

Topply Treat Toy, Toppl by West Paw

This is a very sturdy, yet flexible toy. The toppl treat toy is easy to squeeze but durable at the same time. Directly from the website it mentions that the topply is top rack dishwasher safe. This makes it super easy to clean. It’s also latex free and FDA Compliant meaning it’s safe to eat off of. The toppl is also made in the U.S.A which is another perk I personally like too.

Filling the Toppl

There are dozens upon dozens of options to fill the toppl with. This is everything from raw meat to fruits and vegetables to kibble. You can add peanut butter or yoghurt and freeze it to make it more difficult. Create different layers to keep variety going. Fill it with your dogs meal, if you feed kibble mix some honey or peanut butter in it to give it a bit of a challenge. I love how the options are essentially endless for how you can use the toppl whether you use one or two of the toppl treat toys.

Toppl Treat Toy

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