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Do you use pet tags for your dog? I have dogs who put tags through so much and we’ve had dozens break and not last. We recently came across these amazing dog tags that I absolutely love and have been put through so much and are still in one piece and haven’t fallen off our dog’s collars.

Pet Tags

Curious about what pet tags I’m using? They are these amazing tags from Pet Gear Studios. They are based on Etsy and I found them via Instagram but I’ll have their links below.

Pet Gear Studios (ETSY)
@pet.gear.studios (INSTAGRAM)

You’ll see my dogs featured there recently but I also promote it on my own dogs instagram account. All three of my dogs wear the the tags and I’m happy to share I also have a discount code you can use!


Pet Gear Studios dog tag 
Leash from Kai's Ruff Wear 
custom pet gear and dog tags
Zelda wearing her tag through the pumpkin patch and adventuring with it at the farm

Love the leash? It’s a custom request from Kai’s Ruff Wear but they have so many leash options from standard to custom that you should totally check them out!

Pet Tag Survival

I’ve have these tags go through the water, dock diving (just for fun), hiking trails, off trail adventuring through shrubbery and trees, walks, training, and so much more and they have survived that all! No other tag I’ve owned has survived that.

I’ve spent upwards of $50 on a single tag that has broken, chipped, snapped in half, or something else during our regular activities and adventures so I wanted to share this AMAZING tag company with you all.


These tags are perfect regardless of the size of your dog. My small pup here, is fast and always snagging her tag on a branch but it has survived all her weird and crazy quirks and adventures too. SHe’s even had chickens peck at it and you wouldn’t even know she was ever around chickens because the tag is just that well made and sturdy.

Up Close Pet Tag

Looking to see a more up close photo of the tag on a dog? Here is my boy Wrangler with his tag.


I hadn’t taken off his other tags in this photo but there is no need for other tags aside from one if you want an address on it or something. I’m sure you can request that from Pet Gear Studios but I didn’t even think of that because we usually just do names on the tag or maybe a phone number.

I can’t say enough good things about these tags and I highly recommend you check them out. Be sure to also use our discount code to save 15% off!

Code: ZELDA15

Looking for the perfect adventure dog leash? Check out these rope leashes that you can even customize!

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