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When it comes to feeding your dog, it’s important to feed the do gin front of you. What works for one dog doesn’t always work for all dogs. That said, many know I feed my dogs about 90% raw but I do feed kibble dog food every now and again. Although when I do feed kibble it’s what I like to call boosted kibble. I’ll make a post another day to show off ways you can boost your dogs kibble meals to make them better while also keeping it affordable. Insert Ketonatural dog food information post below and my opinion of this food.

Kibble Dog Food

This post is for me to tell you about my favorite kibble brand to feed my dogs. My go to choice is Ketona. It’s essentially the nutrition of a raw diet with the cost and convince of a kibble food. KetoNatural is way less carbs than your typical other kibble brands and has twice as much meat on average compared to other kibble brands as well. Below in the chart you’ll see that Ketonatural is only 5% carbohydrates while many other brands are more than triple that amount.

KetoNatural - Ketona Dog Food - High Quality Low Carb Kibble High in Protein

KetoNatural Does Meet AAFCO Standards

Ketona dog kibble is formulated to meet AAFCO standards for nutrient profiles for all life stages except for puppies that’ll grow over 70 pounds. Your dog can eat Ketonatural dog food even as a large breed dog (over 70 lbs) once they are no longer a growing puppy.

I’ve heard about Ketonatural pet food after reading the book Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma: The Silent Epidemic Killing America’s Dogs and the New Science That Could Save Your Best Friend’s Life. It’s definitely a good book to read for some good insight on the dog food world.

Ketona is both grain free and low carb making it a great option for dogs who otherwise can’t have high carb kibble or need a higher protein food and the owners want the convenience of a kibble dog food.

How Much Does the KetoNatural Food Cost?

They have two protein options, chicken or salmon. The chicken one is cheaper than the salmon but you can rotate using them or get the one that works best for your dog, especially if you know if they have an allergy to either chicken or salmon. The chicken recipe costs $124.99 or you can do the subscribe and save and pat $118.75 (5% savings) for the 24.2 lb bag. The salmon recipe will cost you $142.99 or $135.84 if you opt for the subscribe and save. That said, be sure yo use the code BARKWITHIT at checkout to save yourself 20% off, which I believe also works if you do a subscribe and save order. That gives you a great discount on the Ketona dog food, treats, and supplements.

You’ll also receive free shipping if you spend more than $20 which you can easily do when buying a bag of food. KetoNaturals also offers the same two formulas of dog food in smaller 8.4 lb bags of food which are cheaper if you just wanna try it for a few days, just be sure to keep your dog’s size in mind and how much they’ll be eating to know which bag will be a better option for you.

I cna’t deny that Ketona is a more costly kibble but they don’t cut corners. They don’t add fillers to their pet food.The ingredients are noticeably better than the typical pet food kibble you’ll find at your local grocery store and even most pet stores too. Protein isn’t cheap while carbohydrates are cheaper so more protein and less carbs contributes to the higher cost of this kibble.

Would I Recommend KetoNatural?

Absolutely. I still primarily feed raw to my dogs but having Ketonatural kibble on hand is always important. It’s good for when I forget to defrost their raw meals or my husband just needs to give them food quickly. He isn’t that great at making sure they get a raw meal and much prefers to feed them kibble so he doesn’t have to immediately wash bowls when they get done eating. Ketona is also a food I find myself grabbing when we go out of town.

So yes, I absolutely recommend this kibble to anyone who feeds their dog a kibble. You’ll see great improvements in your dog. Also don’t forget to use the discount code BARKWITHIT every time you shop, you’ll save money and I’ll get a small commission to help keep this blog up and running.

Do you plan to switch to Ketona? Let me know in the comments below.

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