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The popularity of getting artwork of your pet is growing. With that, I have found a great company that turns a photo of your pet into artwork and then can put it on apparel or drink ware. I’m certain they can put it on phone cases and canvases and so many other products as well if you ask them. How cool is it that you can get custom pet art on apparel and other items?!

custom pet mug

Check out the custom pet portrait mugs here.

With every sale they get on their website, they donate a portion back to nonprofit animal rescues. How amazing is that?!

I am totally obsessed with my dogs, cats, and chickens and I definitely need a few of these items around my house to use or wear with some of my animals on them. I’ll be getting them made for myself. These also make wonderful gifts for anyone who has an animal they absolutely love and adore.

custom pet apparel

Custom Pet Artwork

Regardless of the dog breed you have or the cat, horse, snake, or any animal, they can get it designed and put onto an item for you. Seriously! They are a dog product and human apparel company showing off the love of dogs BUT that doesn’t mean they won’t do other animals.

You can definitely snag the crewnecks/sweatshirts or the t-shirts off their website too but clicking the item name. I’ve attached the direct link to the items so it’s super easy for you to find them.

These are items they have released earlier this year and it’s so awesome to see a company do this that also gives back to the animals in need. On that note, they are always wanting suggestions for animal rescues to donate to so be sure to reach out to them with some suggestions because I know you all will suggest some great ones to them.

These items make great gifts for anyone. So if you know anyone who would love this or know people who need gift ideas for the pet obsessed person in their life, be sure to send them to this blog. Better yet, send them directly to Kai’s Canine Creative. You won’t regret it. They also make other items too such as handmade rope or biothane leashes and collars.

If you need more dog help, check out more blogs here on the website. A great one to check out is this one about 18 ways to exercise your dog.

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