Exercise Dogs – 18 Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Exercise Dogs - Indoor Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Exercising dogs and keeping them active is so important. Some breeds far more activity than other breeds but each breed needs some form of exercise. Dogs aren’t meant to just be lazy and sit around all day. Find great ways to exercise dogs below. If you opt to not exercise your dog, both mentally and physically, it’ll manifest in ways you won’t be happy about. The lack of exercise can cause dogs to become destructive. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for various dog products. There is no additional cost…

Dr. Harvey’s Dog Food – Raw Dog Food for Beginners

Dr. Harvey's Raw Diet Made Simple

One of the biggest struggles I’ve run into with people wanting to switch to raw is not knowing where to begin or how to make sure the nutrients their dog needs are balanced. Daily balance is super important for puppies while adult dogs can typically have balance over a week. Thanks to Dr. Harvey’s feeding raw is simple! Dr. Harvey’s & My Honest Opinion Over the last year I’ve been feeding Dr. Harvey’s exclusively to one of my dogs, 3-5 days a week to one, and 4-7 days a week…

Dog Gift Guide – Holiday Gift Guide for your Dog

Dog Gift Guide - Gift Guide for Dogs

I hope you didn’t think I forgot the most important family member for gifts. I totally didn’t but decided to save your dog for last. I’ve covered Dog Moms and Dog Dads for gift ideas and now we have gifts for dogs! Here is an amazing holiday dog gift guide. Dog Gift Guide for Toys This super festive plush set of happy hour drinks is adorable and perfect for dogs who enjoy plush toys. They have a water bottle to make the crinkle sounds and a squeaker at the top.…

Dog Mom Gift Guide for the Holiday’s

Dog Mom Gift Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching and I decided t compile a list of amazing gifts for those dog moms in your life, or maybe that is you! Don’t fear, I’ll be doing a Gift Guide for Dog Dads as well as a guide for items just for your dog as well in the coming weeks. So here a a great Dog Mom Gift Guide for Holiday Shopping. This list will include a variety of items from clothing to accessories to housewares as well. So many great products but here…

Dog Dad Gifts – Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Dads

Dog Dad Gift Guide

All dog dads are great. Whether you have a German Shepherd, pitbull, beauceron, doodle, or another breed, you’ll find something for the dog dad in your life. This is our list of dog dad gifts for the holidays and has a variety of items to make the holiday season perfect for any fun loving dog dad. Top 5 Dog Dad Gifts Dog Dad Shirt Every dog dad needs a shirt to show off their love for their dog. This company has a variety of dog dad shirts from Best Dog…

Pet Tags – Quality Tags that Last

Pet Gear Studios - Pet Tags - Dog Tags

Do you use pet tags for your dog? I have dogs who put tags through so much and we’ve had dozens break and not last. We recently came across these amazing dog tags that I absolutely love and have been put through so much and are still in one piece and haven’t fallen off our dog’s collars. Pet Tags Curious about what pet tags I’m using? They are these amazing tags from Pet Gear Studios. They are based on Etsy and I found them via Instagram but I’ll have their…

Best Dog Food – Raw, Kibble, Homecooked, or Canned

Best Dog Food

When it comes to feeding your dog, there is the great debate of what is the best way to feed your dog. I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for each. I will also include some companies for raw or homemade if you decide to make the switch if you haven’t already. I’ll group raw and homecooked together for pros and cons as making them at home are pretty similar aside from one doesn’t get cooked. What do you think will be the best dog food? You will want…

Coconut Oil Benefits- Top 5 Reasons to feed it to Dogs

benefits of coconut oil for dogs

The benefits of coconut oil for dogs is more than just these five. It tends to start with the fact that coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA). It makes a great addition to your dog’s diet and you should definitely take advantage of those benefits it gives to your dogs. 5 Coconut Oil Benefits These are just a few on the reasons why I give coconut oil to my dogs. 1. It can help clean teeth If you’re wanting a more natural toothpaste for your dog, look…

Essential Oils for Dogs | 10 Essential Oil Recipes

Essential Oil Recipes That are Safe for Dogs

Using essential oils with your dogs doesn’t have to be scary. These 10 essential oil recipes are a variety of combinations and will include flea sprays, calming spray, itching, motion sickness, and more! Dog Essential Oil Safety Just like humans benefit from essential oils, our pets can benefit from them as well. Below are some basic safety rules to be sure to follow when using essential oils with your pets. NEVER apply the oils to your pets eyes, nose, or genitals NEVER apply the oils to the ends of long…

Top Hashtags for Dog Influencers on Instagram

Top Hashtags for Dogs on Instagram

Copy and paste these hashtags to pictures of your dog or puppy on Instagram to explode your reach and get likes, followers and more!