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There are a lot of things you shouldn’t let your dog eat. This is a short list of 5 toxic foods for dogs to make sure you never let your dog eat. Many of these foods are things we, as humans eat. If you share food with your dog just make sure none of these ingredients are part of it. That said, sometimes it is best to not give your dog leftovers.

Toxic Food for Dogs

Grapes & Raisins – It’s not always agreed upon which form is harmful to dogs so the source of toxicity remains unknown. Ingestion of either can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney failure.

Chocolate – The amount of chocolate that can be toxic to your dog can vary based on age, size, and health. Chocolate is toxic to dogs due to theobromine content. Dogs cannot metabolize it which makes it poisonous to them. Definitely sort to void feeding chocolate to dogs.

Avocado – The toxin in avocados is called persin which is damaging to a dog’s health. Consumption amounts and toxicity can vary for dogs based on breed, size, and age. Majority of vets say to avoid letting a dog have any avocado but I have heard that some people have had their vets say it’s okay for their dog. So be sure to ask your vet first because it can be toxic for dogs.

Garlic – Any food in the allium family can cause anemia and changes in dogs blood. Typically it takes a large amount of garlic ingestion to damage the health of your dog, you should still not include it in your dog’s diet.

Mushrooms – This is mostly for the toxic mushrooms. Many mushrooms can be good for dogs but if you can’t tell mushrooms apart (poisonous or not poisonous) then it’s really best to avoid letting you dog eat any of them. Mushrooms can cause seizures, weakness, tremors, agitation, and disorientation in dogs.

Other Foods to Avoid Giving to Dogs

Cinnamon – It’s not toxic to dogs but it can cause some issues from making your dog cough and choke to hurting the inside of your dogs’ mouth causing discomfort. Really it’s best to avoid it if you can, at least if it’s still as a powder sprinkled on their food.

Nuts – Although nuts aren’t toxic to dogs, they can be a choking hazard. Most nuts are high in fat which can lead to water retention.

toxic foods for dogs

What other foods do you recommend not giving to dogs?

Any other toxic foods for dogs you know of?

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