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Whether you have a dog who is a mega chewer or one who doesn’t chew at all, knowing the right KONG to get for your dog is important. If you have a puppy, you’ll for sure want a toy they can chew so they don’t destroy your possessions. Most every dog chews but how destructive they get during chewing can vary. KONG makes a variety of products from light chewers to power chewers.

The four main rubber KONGS you will see are the KONG Puppy, KONG Senior, KONG Classic, and KONG Extreme. KONG Company has also just come out recently with the NEW KONG X2. I recall seeing the post about these new ones on their Facebook page but have yet to try it out but from what I hear it’s super thick, thicker than the KONG Extreme.

KONG Toys for Puppies

Puppies tend to have a short attention span and depending on the breed can be high energy. The idea is to find a toy to keep them entertained and intrigued to help tire them out. That’s where they KONG Puppy can be super helpful. Make sure you get the one that is the right size for your puppy. These KONG toys come in blue or pink depending on the size you need.

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KONG Senior Toys

KONG knows that senior dogs tend to need a different type of rubber than puppies and the average dog as well. This KONG is designed for the aging teeth and gums that your dog will get and comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large.

Another really good option for a senior dog for a toy from KONG to keep them engaged, playing, and having fun is the KONG Stuff-A-Ball which is a treat-dispensing toy. This toy is good for the average chewer of a dog and has plenty of space to fill with yummy treats to entice your dog to keep on playing.

How to Use a KONG Toy & Recipes

I love creating my own “recipes” for using within the KONG toys but on the KONG website, you can find plenty of recipes they suggest and recommend using as well. This just helps you make KONG filling so much easier based on what your dog enjoys.

The unique rubber that is natural helps provide an outlet for the natural chewing instincts your dog has. This also helps reward your dog with the right behavior so they learn they are allowed to chew their KONG toys. You can use the KONG by hiding it in the yard, using it for your dog to retrieve, or even filling and letting your dog enjoy it all themselves.

I don’t recommend jam-packing the KONG toy as this can make it difficult for your dog to get the treats and goodies inside it. If you want to give your dog more of a challenge try freezing the KONG with treats inside. I’ll use peanut butter or pumpkin too so they have stuff to lick off the insides while getting the treats out too.

KONG Rubber Toy Stuffing Levels - How to stuff a KONG toy

What is your dog’s favorite KONG toy? KONG makes so many more than just these rubber toys for dogs.

Which KONG is right for your dog?

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