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Summer is here and we are all trying to find ways to cool our dogs off with healthy and good for your treats. These frozen dog treats have been a hit with my dogs and they can be somewhat picky. I typically make a variety of treats that are frozen for these extremely warm months.


Watermelon is not only a good treat for you but also for your dog. It’s great for hydration as it’s about 92% water, it’s also fat free and low calorie. Watermelon is also full of good nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6, and C as well as potassium. I typically get the seedless watermelons for these frozen dog treats but you may still end up with some seeds. Be sure to remove all seeds and the rind as well.┬áIn moderation, you should give your dog watermelon as too much can cause diarrhea.

Cucumbers are also good for your dog, but again in moderation. They are about 96% water and low calories as well. If you prefer to use yoghurt you can just make sure it’s plain and non-fat or fat free.

Frozen Dog Treats

frozen dog treats - watermelon frozen dog treat - summer dog treats


  • 3 Cups Watemelon
  • 1 Fresh Cucumber
  • Silicon Mould, Ice Cube Tray, or Muffin Tins

I like these silicon moulds and these ice trays.


  1. Peel your cucumber and slice it in half length wise. Romove the seeds using a spoon. Put in your blender and blend until it is pureed.
  2. Pour into the moulds and fill about 1/4 of the way high. Freeze a minimum of 4 hours; I typically freeze them overnight.
  3. Cut your watermelon into slices or cubes. Remove any seeds and remove the rind as well. Put the slices or cubes into the blend and puree.
  4. Pour the juice over the cucumber that’s frozen in the moulds from 4 hours ago/the night before. Freeze these for another 4 hours or overnight.
  5. Remove from moulds once frozen and serve to your puppy.

Check out these yummy frozen treats with strawberry and banana.


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