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A pretty well known fact is that the dog food industry is ever evolving and a multi-billion dollar industry. New foods are always hitting the market, mostly kibble, but what puts one dog food over the top? How healthy it is for your dog and how it can impact their quality of life. With Volhard Dog Nutrition, you know your dog is getting the ultimate quality of food. Volhard makes doing raw for your dog super easy! They created a high quality base that you simply only need to add water and a protein too. Many companies, even the leading known brands of kibble are advertised as “healthy” and the “best” for dogs, but in reality, aren’t.

Volhard Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition Quick Facts

  • Gut health contributes to roughly 80%-90% of your dog’s immunity support
  • For your dog to break down kibble into usable energy, that takes roughly 8 hours
  • Roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of energy is spent digesting kibble
  • Kibble made today may contain GMO corn and soybeans, and even possibly pieces or parts of animal that come from ones who are unwell. Marketing can even split this in the ingredients to try to fool you with how much corn and soy are actually in the food
  • The Volhard diet is rich in vitamins and minerals so you don’t need to supplement all those extra nutrients, unless your dog has health issues or is aging
  • Fasting your dog for 1-2 days a week can actually help relieve the kidneys from waste management and help improve overall digestion

Price – Not as Expensive as You May Think

When I first came across this food, I figured it was going to be quite expensive. I have two medium to large sized dogs and in addition to them, one small dog. They are all high energy, and one is a working dog while another is becoming a working dog as well. My dogs have only been on this food a few weeks but I’ve discussed it in length and great detail with friends who are already feeding this food. I saw how beneficial it is for them and their dogs. With that, I knew I had to give it a try with mine. This food has offset supplement costs. Therefore, I’m feeding my dogs less volume overall.

Volhard Dog Nutrition
Raw Dog Food
Dog Health
High Quality Dog Food
Volhard Dog Nutrition
Volhard Dog Nutrition NDF2

Myth: 80/10/10 (PMR) is the average composition of prey- 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ- humans can provide even more variety and consistent feeding for more complete diet. Variety and PMR diets allows humans to feed dogs how they would be fed in the wild.

TRUTH: Even if 80/10/10 accurately depicted wild prey, these guidelines provide NO nutritional guidelines to match the ancestral diet. If one wants to feed more like the ancestral diet, they need to look more at macronutrient sources and composition. They would need to look at essential fatty acids and their forms.

80/10/10 can and does fall extremely short of wild prey because it provides no nutritional guidelines and does not provide insight to what makes up these different ingredients- primarily the organ and muscle meat aspect.

There are so many cheap PMR diets that are high fat and poorly sourced ingredients that even with variety, precious micronutrients are far too displaced.

Volhard Dog Nutrition Quality

The NDF2 formula (Natural Diet Foundation) is crafted in small batches with whole food ingredients and herbs to support the liver, kidney, heart, lungs, stomach, and digestive tract. Every ingredient in the food is tested once it arrives to the facility for E. Coli, fungus, and mold. Once the batch is prepared, it is tested yet again. The batch is assay tested 3 times before it is allowed to leave the facility to verify it has no mold, E. Coli, or fungus.

The Natural Diet recipe has been clinically tested on different breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs (bloodwork and urine) for over 30 years and has improved the health, vitality, and longevity of dogs.

The Volhard Dog Nutrition Natural Diet Foundation 2 (NDF2) was formulated to exceed the nutritional levels established by the NRC and AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including the growth of large size dogs.

This dehydrated diet is for the family that needs the convenience of easy feeding but wants to feed a fresh, healthy, balanced diet.

Volhard Dog Nutrition

Feed Your Dog

I am not a veterinarian or a certified nutritionist. I have done research though about dog nutrition and have been a dog owner for many years. I’m thankful to have come across such an amazing food! Some foods do work great for some dogs and can be toxic for others. Be sure to know that not all dogs and not all foods are alike. I do my best to help others make an informed decision about what they feed their dog. Make sure to do your own research. I’m happy to help answer any and all questions you may have. That’s regarding Volhard Dog Nutrition or anything related to dog food. Feed your dog to live and be happy. Your dog deserves to live long and visit the vet less.

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Volhard Dog Nutrition

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