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Benefits of a Raised Dog Bed
Carlson Pet Products Dog Cot
A German Shepherd on a large green portable dog cot

There are multiple reasons to invest in a raised dog bed over always using the ones that lay directly on the floor. The most obvious perk of a raised dog bed is getting your dog off the floor.

A dog bed that is raised off the ground can be quite beneficial especially for older dogs or those dogs who have arthritis. Why? This is because they simply have to step onto the bed or off the bed and it’s much easier than getting up from the hard ground. A raised dog bed also eliminates the stress and pain on the joints that getting up and down from the floor causes.

My go to raised dog bed is made by Carlson Pet Products. I absolutely love their raised dog cot because not only is it durable, it also can collapse making it simple for traveling or any outdoor adventure.

Wrangler an Australian Shepherd laying down a Carlson Pet Products Raised Dog Cot / Raised Dog Bed.

Raised Dog Bed Benefits

  1. They allow for air to circulate under and around your dog which helps them to stay cool.
  2. Provides a relaxing place to sleep while also distributing their weight evenly across the bed.
  3. My personal experience and those of others I have talked to say it has also helped keep their dogs off their couch and furniture.
  4. Raised dog beds are sturdy and the cot from Carlson Pet Products doesn’t slide noticeably on my tile floors.
  5. Super easy to clean.
  6. Ideal for outdoor use but can easily be moved from room to room within your house.
  7. Great for use while camping to keep your dog off the ground.
  8. Helpful for aging pets to get in and out of while also helping to ease joint and muscle pain.
  9. Beneficial for dogs who have allergies but also keeps them away from debris and pests that are on the floor.

Honestly, a raised dog cot is super helpful in so many ways. I use them for all of my dogs. A perk to getting one from Carlson Pet Products is that they have two different sizes, small and large. Both are collapsible and super easy to take anywhere with you.

If you plan to use your dog bed mostly for outdoor use than this is perfect for you. You can keep it inside so it stays dry and clean. Plus having it folded up allows it to take up very little space.

Traveling with your dog a lot? This is super handy to take on trips with you. You can bring it into your hotel room, your camper, or anywhere else that you will stay.

Want to learn about other uses for a raised dog bed? Check out this post!

2 thoughts on “The Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Raised Dog Bed

  1. Great info! I think a raised bed would really help my Frenchie keep cool in the Summer. Do you think you could also place it above a floor vent in the winter? My dog sometimes lies right on the heater vent!

    1. Yes. You definitely could do that. I’m sure t would help make it a bit warmer to help keep your Frenchie stay warm.

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