Dog Chews – Top 6 Long Lasting Chews for Dogs

Dog Chews - Long Lasting Chews for Dogs

This is our short list for the month of our top 6 long lasting dog chews. These include himalayan yak chews, bully sticks, antlers, petqwerks barkbones, and more! Seriously, my dogs are mega chewers and these seem to last us anywhere from a few days to a few months at minimum.

Best Sales at Chewy!

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There should be no surprise that I’m a dog owner who also enjoys convenience. With that, if you haven’t already heard of Chewy, I’d be quite surprised. I’ve discussed and mentioned Chewy many times in previous posts but today I’m going to let you know, I’ll be doing my best to keep you all updated on sales that Chewy has happening. Current Sales at Chewy The first sale I’m going to mention is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on. This is perfect for the treat loving dog…

Flavorit Bone – Super Chewable Bones by Petqwerks

flavorit bone pet qwerks

I have purchased a few bones for my MEGA chewer Kai. She is a German Shepherd and at 9 months she is a destroyer of all the things she can get her mouth on.  First thing I decided to purchase was the Flavorit Bone. To get her to stop chewing everything she shouldn’t we decided we would invest in some chew toys and bones for her. The company we bought from is Petqwerks (@petqwerks on instagram). Kai’s favorite was the Flavorit Breath Nylon Mint Bone. She couldn’t stop chewing it. We…