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I live in Florida but have many friends who live in more expensive states such as New York and California. Florida isn’t exactly “cheap” either but it is a bit more affordable generally speaking than some states. Many young adults live in 1 bedroom apartments unless they have a roommate which helps make living a bit more affordable. It also seems most of us own a dog or dogs and apartment living isn’t the easiest with a dog. There’s a set of challenges living in small spaces with a dog but there are at least a few ways to make it a bit easier.

small apartment with a dog

6 Crucial Tips to Survive a Small Apartment with a Dog

small apartment with a dog

Toy Basket

Having a designated area to keep your dog’s toys at is essential in a small space. One of my dogs will occasionally pull a toy from it here and they to play with but my other two really enjoy just being able to pick out their own toys to play with.

1. Have playtime on the bed

Dogs can get loud while playing, especially if they are running. Help keep your downstair neighbours happier with you by allowing your dog to play on the bed. It’ll keep it quieter for them and you as well.  Of course you can’t really play fetch on the bed. If your dog enjoys fetch you can play with them but try to keep it short or as quiet as possible to be less of an annoyance.

small apartment with a dog

2. Puzzle Toys

Using puzzle toys are great to help keep your dog happy. It allows them to get mental stimulation which can tire them out just like a good walk or run can. This is a good puzzle toy for medium/large dogs since they can spend plenty of time working to get treats out. This is one that’s good for smaller dogs as well as medium and large breeds as it’s a ball that they need to move to dispense treats.

3. Functional and Decorative Storage

Using items to store stuff in that’s decorative is great. You can find nice but small containers to hold treats for your dog. Small ceramic items are great for this as they can look nice on your kitchen counter but nobody will know it holds treats but you.

small apartment with a dog

4. Use an Air Purifier

Having a dog means shedding. This is where an air purifier comes in to help air purifiers are helpful when living in a small apartment with your dog. They can be a bit of a pricey investment but well worth it to keep away pet dander. This is a fantastic air purifier that works wonders as someone who owns dogs and wants clean air.

5. Dedicated Area for Dog Items

Living in a small area with a dog means making sure your dog has a designated area. This is helpful to show that a human lives in the small space as well as. Dogs can quickly accumulate toys, treats, collars, and more.

6. Dog Free Areas

It’s best to try to have some sort of place where you don’t allow your dog. This can be your bed or the couch. It’s definitely difficult to do in a small apartment with a dog. WHen you do need to work, it’s nice to have a place you can work without your dog being right there. We all know though that dogs do their best to squeeze themselves onto your lap or try to sneak onto the bed or couch when they aren’t supposed to be up there. This is a rule that is often broken though.

small apartment with a dog










Living in a small apartment with a dog doesn’t have to be difficult! There’s more ways to make it less stressful and more fun than what I just discussed. How do you make living with a dog in a small apartment easier?

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