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Service Dog Training

Service Dogs are priceless to their owners and help those int he community who are disabled. Not any dog is suited to become a service dog and not just anyone can have one. It truly takes a special dog to perform the needed jobs and tasks their owner needs. Each owner and disability is different so the tasks needed by the dog are also going to be different. Training your dog to become your service dog takes patience and dog training skills.

Getting an already trained dog from a facility may seem like a higher cost than training your own but the facility may be cheaper in the grand scheme of things. Everyone who has a disability doesn’t just get an service dog. There are requirements to get one and ADA Law is important to know and learn prior to obtaining one. Having a fake service dog is illegal and can get you into major trouble with the law.

service dog, service dog training

Is My Dog a Good Candidate to become a Service Dog?

As stated above not just any dog can become a Service Dog. You need a well mannered dog that isn’t skittish or easily scared. They need to be able to handle other dogs being around who aren’t trained and also handle strangers looking at them, approaching them, and trying to pet them and know to ignore those behaviors. Another thing is your dog simply cannot be aggressive or territorial as these dogs don’t make good candidates. Another thing to remember is to make sure your dog is spayed/neutered.

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Basic Commands your Dog needs to know

Since your service dog needs to be completely reliable in any situation, they need to be able to perform some basic commands. These commands are sit, stay, lie down, heel, and come. Of course these are just the basic commands and not all the commands they will need to learn and know. They need to be able to properly perform these all with a very high success rate after training. Getting your dog a strong foundation of basic commands is quite important.

Social Situations and Skills

Your dog will need to be highly trained in social situations. This is to be done all over so you can see how they react to being around other dogs and people. How is your dog around cats? What about squirrels? Can they handle a busy parking lot and high crowded places full of people? These are all important areas of practice so your dog can handle any situation they may encounter. Honestly, these types of situations can make or break a service dog.

service dog, service dog training

Working with a Trainer

Working alongside a trainer while they help you work with your dog is a great thing. They can help you to better communicate with your dog. Since they are a professional they can help you properly train your dog to. If you have any weak spots or difficulties with training they are they to help you the entire way. Training your dog in new situations with a training is great because they can help fix any problems your dog has in a certain or specific situation.

You will also need to have proof that your dog is a service dog and properly trained to have them live with you if it’s a place you rent that doesn’t allow dogs. Look up the FHA Law to find out these specific requirements per your area. Another thing is you will need a note from your doctor stating you need a service dog. They should know the proper terms and legalities of service dogs prior to writing your letter for you.


Looking to get a vest for your Service Dog? I like this one as it has pockets so your dog can help carry items your may need while they are on the job out in public.


Since service dogs can be nearly any dog breed, what breed is your service dog or service dog in training? How old are they? When did they officially become fully trained or when is that expected to happen?

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5 thoughts on “Service Dog Training

  1. I wish Service Dogs were as accessible in the UK as they seem to be in the US as I think they would help me so much with my illness. I adore dogs and think it is absolutely incredible what they can learn to do.

    1. I agree, I wish it was easier to get a Service Dog in the UK. I’ve heard it is quite difficult and totally different than here in the US. Have your tried looking into Emotional Support Animals over there or the equivalent if they are called/known by another name? Not allowed access everywhere but could help you while you are home at least.

    1. You’re so welcome. A temperament test would be given to see if they are a good candidate to become a Service Dog. I know a few people who have bully breeds as service dogs.

  2. The pet owners need to treat the dog while training in moderate amount so that he should not give more attention to food rather then commands.

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