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As dog owners there’s one thing we always expect of our dog, or we should anyways. That is recall. Recall is getting your dog to come running back to you when you call them. This can definitely take a long time for your dog to learn and is typically more difficult with more distractions.

Recall Dog Training - Getting your dog to come when you call


When teaching this you want it to be a simple or easy to understand command for your dog. Some basic examples are ” (dog’s name) come” or “here (dog’s name)”. If you’ve previously been known to call your dog to punish them you’ll need to pick a different command. You want yout dog to think it’s new and exciting. Also, you need to make your dog realize you’re the best thing ever, no distraction is better than you!

Anytime your dog hears this command their ears should perk up and they should look to you and hopefully come running. This is something best taught with no distractions and on a leash until they learn what it means and then they progress from there.

3 Steps to Follow

  1. Call your dog with your chosen command
  2. Reward your dog when they come back to you within 4 seconds
  3. Release your dog immediately

Recall Training Your Dog - Dog Recall Training - Training your dog to come when called

Focusing on the reward and rewarding quickly is key. This provides instant reinforcement. Small treats will work best for training this as you may need to do it repeatedly and daily for a few weeks to months for your dog to learn what is expected. Another thing to consider is to not underestimate the power of affection and praise. Not all dogs are food driven, some prefer praise over anything else.

Dog’s want our love and affection. This makes it valuable to them if we are selective when we decide to give them affection and praise.

What do you feel is the most important obedience skill for your dog to have? 

Recall top training tips to train recall with your dog

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