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PetPlate Dog Food Subscription

PetPlate Review

If you haven’t heard of PetPlate then you are totally missing out. It’s a high quality delivery service of food for your dog. They create custom meals for your beloved four legged companion. These scrumtious meals are delivered right to your door making it extra convienent for even the busiest person. No more hassle of getting to the pet store to pick up your average bag of kibble. With PetPlate you won’t ever worry about running out of food again for your dog.


Quality and Ingredients of PetPlate

You’ll always know what food is being consumed by your dog. There’s an easy to read label on your container with the listed ingredients of what the food contains. Preportioned food containers make is simple to feed and you’ll be happy knowing you’ll never overfeed your dog. The entire concern of mystery and unknown products as well as by-products is completely elliminated.

The food is 100% American made and human grade packaged which is a huge benefit. Not only that but the food is indeed made in a USDA facility located in New York. Designed by a veternarian and a dog nutritionist and cooked by a professional chef too. No large batches are ever made, it’s all small batch cooked to ensure the highest of quality.


Getting Started


Currently PetPlate doesn’t offer any samples BUT they do offer trial boxes. These are fantastic and include two weeks worth of food for as low as $20.

The price for the food depends on the size of your dog and the ingredients that you decide. They offer three different formulas; all turkey, all beef, or a mix of turkey and beef. My dogs prefer variety so I go with the mix of turkey and beef so they can have different proteins throughout the week. The cost of the meals can be less than $3/day depending on the size of your dog.

Another perk is having the option to have the food delivered to you every two weeks or on a monthly basis. For more information on the specific formulas head over to their website and be sure to fill out the information so you can get your dog a trial box of PetPlate.


Use the code BARKWITHIT25 to save an additional 25% off your purchase.

PetPlate - A Dog Food Subscription

21 thoughts on “PetPlate: We Tried It & We Loved It

    1. Yes, once I heard they were on shark tank I had to find the video. I loved it. My dogs are obsessed and now they have new meat options so if course I’m getting my dogs those.

    1. Agreed. You can give it a try and use our code for an additional 25% off your first delivery. They now have 4 different proteins.

  1. This is another great food delivery option! We currently use something similar for Bean and it’s the first time she eats her meals willingly since she joined us almost 9 years ago. It was life changing for her and for us.

    I’m so glad to hear this has been working out well for your dogs and that you have been able to alternate proteins easily.

    1. Yes. It’s so wonderful. I’m glad you found something similar to help your dog as well it’s so good to see dogs thriving of good, real food and nutrition.

  2. Oh wow what an interesting product! I’m definitely a helicopter dog mom that, lets face it, is kind of crazy about my pups health. This is something I should definitely look into!

    1. I’m the same way and it’s so much better than the overly processed kibble. Plus my dogs enjoy this more.

    1. You’re welcome. If you try it let me know what your dogs think! You can also use our code to save an extra 25% off.

  3. I have not heard of Pet Plate until now! Their packaging is adorable, but more importantly, I like that their USDA facility is in New York. New York and California voters are picky, in a good way that keeps the rest of the country safer!

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