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Petcube Play

There’s many of us dog owners (cat owners too) who hate leaving their pets at home all day while at work. Even if you have a day off spent running errands you may be curious as to what your dog is up to. Thankfully there is the Petcube Play where you can see what they are up to. This nifty device allows you to view the video via your mobile device and you can see, hear, and talk to them. As a dog owner you can’t help but feel guilty leaving the house and not bringing along your dog. This little cube will help with that disconnect you feel so you can easily and quickly check in on them.

Petcube Play

Petcube Play

This Petcube Play is compact in size at just 3x3x3 but has so many features packed into it. It has a wide angle lens that gives you a 138* view of the area the camera is facing. This can be used in nearly any area. Dogs and cats are sure to enjoy the laser feature. Personally my dogs fancy the laser and haven’t figure out how it works. They don’t understand I can easily control it right from my phone while I’m not home. Planning to be gone overnight? The Petcube Play has night vision so you can still see what they are up to when it’s dark in the house. There’s this great feature where you can set up alerts for motion or sound from your dogs. I enjoy both features so I can see why my dogs are barking or if they are playing. If you live in an apartment this feature can be helpful so you can try to quiet down your dog so it doesn’t disturb your neighbors.

Petcube Play

Petcube Care

Never miss a moment with the Petcube Care. This allows you to have and enjoy memorable pet moments. It’ll save the videos it records that are triggered by sound and motion. The device comes with a 7-day free trial and it’s totally worth the investment to pay and keep it. They have two plans, one with backup history for 10 days and the other for 30 days. I have the 10 day backup plan but I’m home quite often so I don’t need the 30 day backup of history. If you work a lot and aren’t home quite as much or don’t have time to watch the videos then I highly recommend the 30 day video backup history.

Petcube Bites

Looking to cover more space in your house or different rooms, then check out the Petcube Bites. It allows you to toss treats for your dog. I haven’t met a dog that wouldn’t appreciate treats randomly while their owner is out. Using both, or multiples of both Petcube options, you’ll have one happy dog and plenty of interaction with them while out.

Petcube Play


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4 thoughts on “Petcube Play – Interactive WiFi Pet Camera

  1. That looks so cool. Never knew I could have something like this. Will definitely look into getting one of these since I travel a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re so welcome! They also have one that allows you to give treats to them too. I haven’t tried it out but I plan to get that one soon.

    1. It’d be great if he doesn’t leave the room it’s in haha! You could use the built in laser toy in it and maybe even scare him.

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