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Every year means there will be new pet trends taking off and old ones not being as popular. It’s mid January so we will be discussing a few of the upcoming or currently trending pet industry trends that are expected to be popular this year. Do you have any ideas of what pet industry trends will show growth in 2023?

High End Products Going Mainstream

Many products can fit in this category. If the. product can make pet life easier whether for the owner or for the pet, people are buying them. Some examples of these types of products are the litter robots, oversized orthopedic pet beds, travel and airline compliant pet carriers, and more. If you do decide to shop with ROVERLUND be sure to use our affiliate code BARKWITHIT to save yourself 20%

An example of something that is on the pricier side for what it is but has benefits is Pretty Litter. It’s not the most affordable cat litter but can let you learn a lot about your cat(s) with the fact it changes colours based off what is in the cat’s urine.

Pet Insurance

When it comes to what is expected to be on the rise, it’s that more people will be getting pet insurance for their pets. Both dogs and cats can benefit from insurance although I feel it’s more common for dogs to have an insurance plan than a cat. There are easily over a dozen different pet insurance options and finding the right one isn’t easy. As the pet industry grows, so does the pet insurance industry and it’s why many more companies are adding pet insurance to what they offer or just starting an entire business around offering pet insurance.

Pet Food Niches – Pet Industry Trends

The pet food industry is forever growing. The newest types of food that are quickly taking off are freeze dried food along with air dried and raw foods. So many new options are rising to try to beat out the industry standard, kibble food. Pet food makes up around 75% of the sales for the industry according to Pet Biz Marketer.

Startups are quickly taking action on this and rising to the spotlight with new types of food. One of the more well known brands of freeze dried food is BIXBI which you can get from Chewy. Another company that is growing fast is Sundays Food for Dogs which offers air dried food for your four legged best friend. Freeze dried food was created to last longer on the shelf, especially compared to fresh food and raw food.

New/Innovative Pet Products

So it’s not common to find a new product on the market but some of the lesser known products to the average pet owner is doggie wipes and dog friendly toothpaste. These wipes can be much safer to use than using baby wipes to clean off your dog. Pet friendly wipes are much safer for your pet than baby wipes are. Another good thing is using pet friendly toothpaste to help keep your dogs teeth clean. Brushing once a day is ideal but even a few times each week is helpful.

Pet Industry Trends

Pet Supplements

This is another big up and coming item set of pet industry trends. There are many big names in the pet supplement world but some examples of the most searched are dog probiotics, cat fish oil supplement, and dog vitamins. There are so many options out there for these when you search and it’s important you find the ones that are high quality but fit your needs and budget as well. That said, CBD is potentially the one growing the fastest. Prior to giving CBD or really any supplement it is important to contact your vet to see if your pet needs it or will benefit from it.

What are some Pet Industry Trends you think will be on the rise this year?

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