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Carlson Pet Gates

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I am so thankful to Carlson Pet Products for sending me one of their pet gates to try and review. This is a gorgeous pet gate that is sturdy, strong, and also fits the widest part of my kitchen entry way. It’s been a struggle finding a gate long enough to place there to train the dogs to keep out of the kitchen. Gates are wonderful for training your dog if you decide not to use a crate or even to simply teach them certain areas of the house are off-limits.

These pet gates can be used to keep your dog out of areas you don’t want them to be or to confine them only to an area where they are allowed to be. Pet Gates are a good way to give your dog an area to play in while you are out without them being able to run the whole house. Some dogs can be quite destructive which nobody wants to come home to a half eaten couch or a broken TV that was knocked over. Not only this but also a dog chewing a cable that’s plugged in can be extremely dangerous to the dog. This is where pet gates are useful if you don’t want your dog stuck in a crate all day while you work 8-9+ hours a day.

pet gates, pet gate, carlson pet gate

Use of Pet Gates

  • Pet gates can be used to block your dog’s access to a new baby’s room.
  • They can also be used to maintain household safety when introducing a new dog to your home. You’ll want to contain your new dog to a small space behind the pet gate while allowing your resident dog to roam the house and visit the dog at his leisure.
  • Pet gates are also useful when introducing a cat to your resident dog. These gates allow your cat to jump over them so they can find a safe spot in the house. It also allows your cat to eat and drink and potty in the litter box without your dog bothering him. Using a gate isn’t going to be 100% successful as some dogs can jump gates.
  • Pet gates can also be used in the workplace to confine dogs to your work area so they don’t bother others or wander away.
  • Some dogs beg and it’s tough to train that habit out of the dog. A gate can help keep them out of the dining area of your home so they don’t have the ability to sit next to you or at your feet and beg for food.


Training your dog the proper places to be in your household will help them be a happier dog. This is because they will be able to please you. Dogs simply want to keep their owners happy but that takes work. It’s hard but rewarding to train your dog where they belong when you are home and when you are not home. Positive training and constant reinforcement is great for training. These pet gates simply help to train and teach your dog to learn faster. With this, you’ll be able to keep the gates up but the door to them open and your dog can learn the boundary of where they can and cannot go.

Where to purchase?

These gates from Carlson Pet Products can be found easily online at Amazon or at a Petco store!

Carlson Pet Products even makes free standing gates as well!

pet gates, carlson pet products, carlson pet gates


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