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If you are a pet owner, you know catching a great deal is important. Pets can get expensive, we love to spoil them too, so saving a few bucks is always nice. That said, here are some pet deals happening now or on Amazon Prime Day. I’ll share a bunch of products and also try to update this and update it via our Instagram Account Stories too.

The typical products that are on sale for pets are automatic pet feeders, dog DNA kits, dog and cat food, flea and tick medication, and more! I’m looking forward to catching some of these deals and have already purchased some as well. You can possibly even save a bit more by doing a Subscribe & Save via Amazon as well. What pet deals are you hoping to catch?

6 Best Early Prime Day Pet Deals

Casper Dog Bed

This is a durable, hybrid foam bed. Casper is known for mattresses so you know this pet bed is good! It’s also available in three sizes. The price for these typically range from $140-$250 depending on size. They’re on sale for 25% off!

Iris 3 Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers

These are durable and I use these myself. I’ll probably buy a new set since ours is easily over 6 years old and the locking handle broke off thanks to one of my kids. The big one holds up to 25 lbs of food. There is a 12 quart container and a 2 cup scoop as well. I don’t see these go on sale often so a $5 savings is worth it.

Pooper Scooper

This does go on sale from time to time, but it’s the best price I have seen over the last few months. I tried this out a few weeks ago from a friend and well now I gotta snag one for myself. With having three dogs, it’s important I keep up with scooping the poop in the yard best I can. The rake and spade also clip to the bin making it super nice and easy to clean and store.

Petsafe Cozy Up Folding Dog Stairs

These stairs usually sell for at least $50 so for $36, it’s a great deal to snag. They’re 20 inches so measure your furniture. Pet stairs are great for small dogs or older dogs who need a little extra help getting onto the couch, bed, or into a car. Last time I saw these stairs this cheap was Black Friday 2021.

Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain

This pet fountain definitely has nice visual appeal. You can snag it in one of four colors, blue, red, brown, and white. It’s filtered water with a 70 oz capacity. It also hasn’t been on sale since February, so if you’ve been wanting it, snag it during this sale.

Petsafe Drinkwell 1 Gallon Pet Fountain

Been looking for a water fountain that is a bit cheaper and/or bigger capacity than the Pagoda fountain, here’s the fountain for you. This one holds one gallon and is still a continuous flow of filtered water for your pet.

Pet Deals – More Deals for your home and pet

This isn’t directly a pet product but we all know that the majority of pets do shed. That being said, the iRobot Roomba 692 is on a great sale for 40% off. It’s a deal I’m highly thinking of snagging as I have 3 dogs who shed along with 5 cats. Pet hair is definitely a thing here.

This cat feeder by Petlibro is super nice. It’s an automatic feeder and on sale for $65 plus an additional 10% off coupon making it only $59. It is originally priced at $76 so a good deal on an automatic pet feeder if you need one.

I found a good deal on a pet GPS tracker. This on is by Whistle and it’s essentially a smartwatch for your dog but also if they escape or you hire a dog walker, it’ll track their location. You can easily find your pet if they get lost with this GPS tracker. You can setup alerts if your dog leaves your yard. It will also track activity data including distance they’ve gone (playing and such), calories burned, helps provide food portion recommendations,, and also records behaviors such as scratching and licking.

Pet Deals - Amazon Prime Day Pet Deals

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