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Teaching your dog new tricks isn’t just about impressing your friends and family; it’s also a fantastic way to bond with your furry companion and keep their mind sharp. In this blog post, we’ll explore five fun tricks that will not only entertain but also mentally stimulate your dog. So, grab some treats and get ready for some pawsitively amazing training sessions! Get ready to explore some fun tricks to teach your dog.

1. Shake Hands (Paw)

“Shake hands” is a classic and charming trick that never goes out of style. Here’s how to teach your dog this delightful trick:

Step 1: Hold a treat in your hand, and let your dog see it.

Step 2: Extend your hand, palm facing up, and say, “Shake” or “Paw.”

Step 3: Be patient. Your dog might initially paw at your hand to get the treat. When they do, reward them immediately.

Step 4: Repeat this process until your dog consistently offers their paw when you say the command. Gradually, extend the duration of the shake.

Dog giving paw / Dog doing shake with a paw. Fun tricks to teach your dog.

2. Spin Around

This trick adds a touch of whimsy to your dog’s repertoire:

Step 1: Hold a treat near your dog’s nose.

Step 2: Slowly move the treat in a circle above their head, guiding them to follow it.

Step 3: As your dog completes the circle, say, “Spin” or “Twirl.”

Step 4: Reward your dog with the treat once they’ve completed the spin.

3. Play Dead

“Playing dead” is a classic trick that never fails to amuse:

Step 1: Ask your dog to “lie down.”

Step 2: With a treat in your hand, move it over their head and toward their shoulder while saying, “Bang!” or “Play dead.”

Step 3: Reward your dog when they roll onto their side. Be sure to lavish them with praise!

4. High Five

A high five is a fun and interactive trick that your dog can show off to friends:

Step 1: Hold a treat in your hand, and let your dog see it.

Step 2: Extend your hand, palm facing down, and say, “High five.”

Step 3: When your dog raises their paw to meet your hand, give them the treat and lots of praise.

5. Speak/Bark on Command

Teaching your dog to bark on command and then stop is a useful and entertaining trick:

Step 1: Find a trigger that makes your dog bark naturally, like the doorbell or a toy.

Step 2: When the trigger occurs, say, “Speak” or “Bark.”

Step 3: As soon as your dog barks, reward them.

Step 4: After a few repetitions, introduce the “Quiet” command. When your dog stops barking, reward them again.

Teaching your dog these fun tricks is not only a great way to bond but also a mentally stimulating activity that can help keep your furry friend engaged and happy. Remember to be patient, use positive reinforcement, and make training sessions short and enjoyable. With time and practice, your dog will master these tricks and put on a show that will impress everyone around!

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