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Have you tried Nutro Dog Food?

We got the pleasure of getting a month supply of dog food for free from Chewy to review. This is our honest review of the product so far. We are using the Nutro Dog Food for the entire month of April. If we like it, which so far we do, we plan to switch our dogs to it. In order for me to have gotten this product, I agreed to do 3 blog posts on it, so here is the first one! Nutro Dog Food, Wild Frontier, Nutro, Venison

This first post isn’t going to go too much in depth on the product as that is what will be in the second blog post. Today you will just learn my first thoughts on the product. Once the Nutro Dog Food arrived from Chewy, I first went to look over the ingredients. Right on the front, it was visible and said Grain Free which is required for my dogs. My German Shepherd has a grain allergy so we just try to keep all the food they eat grain free.

First Impressions of Nutro Dog Food

My first impression was that it was going to be good. We got the Venison one to try since it stands out and isn’t commonly found in the other dog food brands we have looked into. The first ingredient is Venison Meal, so off to a pretty good start. Venison provides the needed amino acids to build muscle and keep your dog having a healthy metabolism.

My dogs tend to be pretty active but still have more fat than muscle and that’s something I’m hoping this food will change. I’ll keep you updated on if they loose fat and gain muscle, or at least slim down a bit. This Nutro Dog Food is also good for dogs of any breed or size as long as they are adult dogs for this particular type and seeing that I have small to medium/large dogs, that’s very much needed to keep my life a bit easier. Another thing I noticed and LOVED was the fact that the Nutro Dog Food is all made in the USA. Venison Nutro Dog Food

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits  for this food is that it is formulated to be high in protein, which keeps your dogs full and healthy and happy! It also contains no gluten, grains, and wheat or soy protein. This makes it great for those dogs with allergies. The dog food is also made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They have key ingredients for the life stage, and this particular one is for adult dogs. Below you can see the chart for the Guaranteed Analysis for this particular food. These charts are fantastic to look at to see what nutrients is in the food you are giving to your dog.


Nutro Dog Food Wild Frontier Venison

Planning to transition your dog to this food? Here’s the recommend way to transition:

Nutro Dog Food, Dog Food Transition Chart

Next week I plan to share how my dogs are doing on this food. Within the first few days they did seem far more interested in food than the previous brand we were feeding them which is fantastic.

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