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Nutro Dog Food

Welcome to my final review of the Nutro Dog Food that I got compliments of Chewy to review for the month of April.

Now that April has ended, I couldn’t be more excited to finalise my thoughts on this food. If you have tried this food after using another food previously you know what the result are but for those who haven’t I’m here to tell you about them.

The first thing I noticed with this food was how soft my dogs fur got. Both of my dogs, my Aussie and my German Shepherd had noticeably softer fur. Along with his came better skin that was less itchy or not itchy anymore at all.

nutro dog food, puppy eating dog food

Key Benefits

Some key benefits of this food are:

  • Skin and Fur Improvements (softer fur and less itchy skin)
  • More energy
  • Better potties (more solid poop)

This food can easily be the best food I’ve tried for my dogs. It helps keep them a proper weight and full of energy. Of course they rest and sleep and relax as all dogs do but overall they had more energy. More energy means we can take them on longer walks or even bring them on runs which is perfect for our active and healthy lifestyle.

The better potties means they poop less because the food is a high quality food and it’s also always solid which is fantastic so I know they are healthy dogs.

We all love and enjoy cuddling our dogs so the softer the fur the better for cuddling. My dogs always get plenty of cuddles so I truly enjoy how much softer their fur is from this food.

Would I buy it?

The answer to this is most definitely YES! I would totally buy this for my dogs when they need food again.

It’s grain free (they have options that do have grains) which is the best sort due to my one dog having Grain allergies. With this I simply keep all my dogs on grain free food in case the one with the allergy manages to find kibble from another dog that they didn’t eat.

Nutro dog food, dog holding food bowl

Do you plan to switch your dog onto this great quality dog food? Answer below in the comments. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about this food provided I can answer it properly and truthfully.

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