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After two of my dogs have been on Nutro Wild Frontier Grain Free with Venison dog food, I have seen quite a few differences. These are differences I typically don’t think of happening simply from a change of food. Keep in mind I received this food free from Chewy but these opinions are all my own.

My dogs are both young, just over the age of 1 but are two different breeds. One dog is a German Shepherd while the other is an Australian Shepherd. I expected them both to be similar in results despite a difference of breed. The differences I’ve seen for them over the past 18 days is incredible!

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Nutro Dog Food with Wrangler

First I’ll go over everything with my Aussie as I think he had the most changes, and all are positive. He ended up getting both the dry kibble and some of the wet food. He got his 1 cup of kibble twice a day and half a can of the Nutro Limited Ingredient every two days. The first thing I noticed was he was more energetic. He seemed happier and more playful. After a few more days I noticed his fur was getting softer and getting a nice shine to it. His fur was always soft but it become noticeably softer after about 10-12 days.

What goes in, must come out, right? Let’s talk about that for a minute. His stool….yeah nobody likes talking about poop, but this is “shitty”. Honestly, his stool wasn’t ever runny. It stayed firm and solid which was fantastic. The first food we had him on was not friendly to his bowel movements so I’m thankful this was.

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Nutro Dog Food with Kai

Next up we have my German Shepherd. She’s a super active girl but can still keep weight on her like she tries to be fat. So first off I’ll say that I was curious if this would help her lose the little bit of fat she has and help her gain muscle. Answer? It totally helped! I was so shocked actually. She took so well to this food it was amazing. She has so many allergies and health issues I was nervous but decided she does need to find a fantastic food that suites her.

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This girl is always serious about food and mealtime. She got fed the wet food the same as Wrangler, every two days. We gotta make it last the month but they also aren’t used to getting wet food that often. Kai gets fed the kibble twice a day, 1 1/3 cup because she is bigger than Wrangler.

The food helped her fur, but not quite as soft as I was expecting. It got softer for sure but still has some coarse spots throughout her coat. Honestly, that isn’t a huge deal and it simply could be from the shaved spots from her surgeries. As for her stool, I didn’t notice any changes as hers seems to be pretty good and solid overall. Kai is almost always itchy and doesn’t have fleas but after about 6-8 days on this food I did notice her scratching far less. I’m thinking this food was truly great for her skin and I’m thankful for that.

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