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So I’m always looking out for the best interest in dogs. Highly quality gear is a MUST as well as it being stylish and customisable. Over at Kai’s Ruff Wear you will see that this new leash is available and you can even pick your own set of colours, how cool is that?!

Have you ever been walking your pup in an area and don’t mind him being a few feet ahead but still you are in control? How about your pup turns the corner and the street is SUPER busy. Your pup wants to pull in different directions and simply run.  He knows he shouldn’t but he tries. All of a sudden you have no control or less of it and you need him back by your side. Well this new radical leash is perfect for you. 

It features two, yes two handles. One at normal length and one that can quickly get or keep your pup by your side.
cotton rope dog leash by kai's ruff wear
It’s pretty and soft and you can change the colours of the rope. They have plenty of options. The cotton rope is good for you and your pup and won’t rough up your hands or mangle and tangle up your dog’s fur which is another perk of their rope leashes (and collars too).

Another BONUS?  Kai’s Ruff Wear help shelters and rescues. Kai’s Ruff Wear also donates 10% of earnings from sales to animal shelters and rescues as well as 5 pounds of food for EVERY PURCHASE. Head on over to their Etsy shop and get your pup a stylish rope leash!

Go check them out!


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