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Life with three dogs is already so much fun. They are full of life and energy and it’s just awesome. They keep me active from running around indoors, going on walks and hikes, and even playing fetch in the backyard.

I love how we can coexist together and how much they are part of my family yet so gentle with my children. Knowing how different our dogs are, I’m just so happy they all get along wonderfully.

life with three dogs - multiple dog househol.ds

With all this in mind, I thought watching two more dogs would just be so much for fun, for both myself and my dogs. All the dogs had previously met and got along great. Between so much fun with the two dogs at the park, I couldn’t imagine it not being even more fun than just my three dogs.

Life with three dogs

There were multiple pros and a few cons as well to having five active dogs in one house. More dogs to me just means extra fun and love. I enjoy being home with my family and lounging around with dogs, whether they are mine or not. Something else I truly enjoyed was getting outside and playing fetch with the dogs for many hours a day, every day. Outside playtime, indoor mental stimulation, and walks just never seemed to tire all the dogs out for long enough periods of time. I enjoyed it though because it helped me learn about new ways to tire out dogs, both mentally and physically.

Perhaps the biggest stressor was how my male dog and the one I was watching were territorial which led to some potential fights that I ended quickly and safely before they escalated. This simply meant only having one male dog out at a time. This led to minimal downtime for me while giving the dogs adequate downtime, especially the male dogs.

Life with three dogs - high energy dog breeds

A Month of Five Dogs

During the month I watched these two wonderful and fun-loving dogs, it rained so much. This led to extra mud in the house. My dogs’ alone track in so much mud, so a little more luckily wasn’t a huge issue. Partially my own fault, as I would get the dogs outside to play fetch during the breaks in the rain storms to help them burn energy.

Aside from this, it was a fantastic experience but one that taught me a lot. I learned a lot about my own dogs, I could never get another male dog with the one I currently have. It made me really fall in love with Dutch Shepherds though. Being that I currently have a German Shepherd, I wasn’t too sure how much they would be different they would be, but a Dutch is so much more energy and that’s something I admired.

I couldn’t have been happier to have enjoyed this experience. I love my life with three dogs and was happy to have gotten to add two more great dogs to the pack for a month.

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