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Dog DNA Tests are fun and quite informative. They can help you understand your pooch better and also develop a better health plan for their future.

Are you curious about the breeds that make up your dog? Concerned or curious about potential hereditary diseases your dog can develop one day? Maybe a dog DNA test is just what you need.

How Does Dog DNA Testing Work?

The dog DNA test is quite easy to do. I just recently did it for my dog that was a rescue. All you’ll have to do is order the DNA test kit online and once it arrives do a simple cheek swab from your dog. After that you simply send the swab back in the provided container and mail it back in a prepaid envelope that came in your DNA kit. Your kit will also include the instructions on how to do the cheek swab.

Within a few weeks, you will get back a report that includes the information on your dog’s DNA results. Depending on which company you use, I used Embark, you’ll see the percentages broken down of the breeds. Another thing you get are the risks for developing some hereditary diseases. Embark offers two kit options, just the breed break down or the breed and hereditary diseases.

My Rescue Dog’s Results

Zelda was one of my foster dogs that I ended up adopting. She totally looked 100% German Shepherd and based off her personality I felt she was too. She was a stray though so I clearly wasn’t 100% sure. I didn’t mind not knowing her breed or caring if she was 100% purebred or not. My main reason for doing the DNA test was to find about health. Being that she is training to be my service dog, I wanted to learn about her health and be prepared for known potential diseases she could be carrying.

I was excited to see she is clear of all 172 genetic health conditions that Embark tests for. This doesn’t mean she won’t ever get sick or won’t ever develop a specific disease. This simply means she isn’t at an increased risk of any specific diseases.

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