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Instagram Success











Hello everyone!

I’m here today to talk a bit about running an Instagram account. We run a few accounts across different genres but our favourite is Animals are very fun accounts to run because they are so versatile! You can have so many adventure with animals, especially dogs! Here are our 11 tips to running a successful Instagram account.

Instagram Success


– Your username should be something people will remember. If you add a bunch of numbers or make it confusing people will forget. Make it short if possible and something to remember!


Public vs. Private

– Make your profile Public! This may seem obviously to most people but some accounts out there are still private and want people to follow them. If you want, make two accounts, a personal one for family and friends and another for your dog!


Make sure your profile image is clear

– Profile images are small, choose something close up and that represents your account best. Try not to change your profile image once you have chosen one as followers will associate you with this image.

Instagram Success

Your Instagram bio should be clean and professional

– Write your bio in another file like Microsoft Word so you can space it out however you like, then paste it into Instagram. State your name, location, and a funny fact that will grab people’s attention.


Use your link and contact buttons

– Link another account to your page, be it your website, Facebook, Twitter, another Instagram. Also, use your contact button. You need to make your account a business account in order to use this. We find this is very effective to connecting with companies and other accounts.



– Engagement is your best friend. Always try to word your captions in a form of call to action. Ask a question, get an opinion, mention another account in hopes that they will return the favour. When people comment, ask them a question to get them to comment again. Engagement!


Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

– You can use 30 hashtags for every post. Use them! Unless they enhance your caption keep them to the first comment after your post. Add a few of *** before them as well. This prevents other people from getting annoyed by them.


Post everyday

– The more you post the more you get! Post at least once a day and be consistent. Your followers want to see you every day, if you stop posting consistently they might get bored and move on.


Utilize Instagram Story

– Instagram Story is an excellent way to show your followers more behind the scenes and not so perfect moments. Keep your best photos for your feed.

Instagram Success


– Take clear photos with good lighting. If in doubt take photos outside, natural light is the best light! Try to have a theme or a colour scheme. When you look at your feed it should be clutter free and flow seamlessly.



– Last but not least, interact with your followers! Like, comment, engage! Follow accounts that you love and be present on those accounts.


I hope these have helped! Running an account takes a lot of hard work! If you have any other questions send me a message on Instagram!


Lots of love,

Pom Pom Chewy

Instagram: @PomPomChewy

Instagram Success

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