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indoor games 

So with winter approaching here currently I’m coming up with ways to keep my pups entertained and thought I would share some with you.

Muffin Tin Treat Search:

Basically this is where you take a 6 or 12 count muffin pan and hide treats in about half of them and cover with tennis balls. You then let your pup sniff them out and move the tennis balls to find their reward (the treat!).
For these tennis balls my dogs enjoy the ones that squeak for this game. You can get a 12 pack for a great price here. These are made by Kong and are quite durable.

Red Light – Green Light

The version of this for your dog would be to give the command for “let’s go” to move and then “sit” or “down” when you want them to stop. You can do this on or off leash depending on how well they know and obey the command. This helps your dog to learn that while walking when you stop they are required to stop as well.

Hide and Seek

Be sure to keep this simple for your dog at first. This can go a few ways though. You can put your dog in a different room and keep them in a “stay” and when you want them to find you call their name or say “find me”. The other way this can work is to have a friend or family member hold them while you hide and then give the command for them to find you. By keeping it simple I mean hiding behind a curtain, under a blanket with an arm or leg visible, or something similar before making it more difficult for your dog to find you when you hide.

dog game wait for treat

Wait for the TREAT

This is where you get your dog to go to a “sit” or “down” and put a treat on their head, snout, or foot and make them wait until you give them the command to get it. It keeps them from moving but also takes time for them to learn. Don’t make your dog hold the treat for more than about .5-1 second at first and as they learn that you can grow the time that they must wait for the treat.

A good treat for these are to start out with a smaller size treat. We love using Zuke’s Mini Naturals. You can buy them here.


Okay so this isn’t so much of a game as it is a training tool. This is helpful for dogs who don’t like baths (my dog simply HATES getting a bath). You get them into the tub and get them to “sit” and “stay” and wait anywhere from 1-10 minutes and then reward them with a treat. Don’t instantly make them wait extended period of times. Slowly build up to it. Get them to understand the water isn’t always going to be turned on or in the tub whenever you do this. It will help them get more comfortable being in the tub for a bath.
I hope you enjoy these activities for your dog indoor.

I’ll be sure to write another article on more ideas and games for your dog to do indoors. Whether it’s too hot or too cold outside your dog requires mental and physical stimulation.

Bones and chew toys are good ways to keep your dog from also chewing anything inside they shouldn’t be. They usually chew stuff they shouldn’t due to boredom or not having their own toy to chew.

indoor games - tiring nap
Have an idea of your own? Mention it in the comments! 

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