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Are you looking for a strong and durable crate? Then you gotta check out Impact Crates.

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Impact Crates

There are so many great things about this crate. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors so it will fit your personality and the personality of your dog. This is a family owned business based out of North Idaho. Every crate is made from high-grade aluminum making them durable yet lightweight. These crates are sure to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and secure.

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impact crates 2husketeers

Photo Credit to @2husketeers on Instagram. Check them out! They have the collapsible dog crate and as you can see it’s great for any weather/terrain you may encounter.


They have collapsible crates and stationary crates. Perfect for the stay at home pup or a dog on the go. Travel with your dog in your truck bed? Secure them with a crate made specifically for truck beds so you know your beloved dog is completely safe.

impact crate

Does your dog have anxiety? They have a special crate just for your dog in mind. You can see the high anxiety dog crates here. These crates are good for the dogs who tend to freak out when you leave and destroy crates. It has air holes to help prevent your dog from damaging it’s teeth if it does indeed try to escape. The high anxiety impact crate is made from a higher gauge aluminum and is welded and riveted. The front door bars are also closer together to help your dog from biting the door.

Hybrid Crate

Looking for a crate that’s stronger than your standard wire kennel but just stays at home? The answer is the Impact Hybrid Dog Crate. The hybrid crate is designed for in-home use. This one is easy to use and allows your dogs plenty of space and the ability to see it’s surroundings while inside. It also has a removable floor making it simple and easy to clean up messes if needed.

 Impact Crates

impact crates


In this beautiful teal crate is Bourbon. Follow him on Instagram here! He has the collapsible dog crate and works great in any terrain.

Bonus Perk

They even offer financing options now so you can get your impact crates NOW and pay a monthly fee. Another way to get your crate without having to wait.


Impact Crates

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