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Wrangler, Australian Shepherd

This is my Australian Shepherd. His name is Wrangler and he’s a total stud and gorgeous. I love letting my dogs show their fashionable side with bandanas as I don’t otherwise dress them up. I will admit though I do sometimes make my German Shepherd wear plaids or flannels to give me a camping vibe since I rarely go camping these days and I miss getting to go.

german shepher

Yeah this is my Kai girl and she knows how cool she is. She’s working to be a Service Dog but currently she’s still in training. Isn’t she a total cutie though?! Maybe I just love her more than everyone else does. No worries though as she doesn’t go out into public with clothes on unless she’s wearing her SD vest. *Please do not abuse the term Service Dog or Service Dog in Training. It makes it more difficult for those of us who truly need them to get them. Thank you!*

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