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Exercise with your Dog - Hiking with your Dog

How to Exercise With Your Dog

Do you wanna begin exercisign and working out but the idea of a 10k or even a 5k don’t sound fun at all? Maybe you’re someone who enjoys running, but you could also be someone who just really dislikes it. There’s plenty of ways to exercise besides running or even just walking. Here are some fun ways to exercise with your dog and get fit in the process.

exercise with your dog

There’s ways to get in shape besides going to the gym. Many of us have a narrowminded view of fitness where we just assume it involves running, walking, or going to the gym. Honestly, there’s so many fun ways to exercise that you can include your dog in as well.

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Hiking is fun and adventurous as you can most likely pick different trails and locations to visit. Whether you walk half a mile or ten miles or more you’re out in nature and getting fresh air. You can bring your phone along and snap photos of anything, including your dog. It’s a good way to also bond with your dog. Does your dog have an isntagram account? If so, this can be an opportunity to snap some fun photos. Follow my dogs on their adventures.

Usually you can find dog friendly trails in National, State, and local parks. A good place to begin looking for trails near where you live is All Trails. It’s a pretty good resource that I use myself for finding new trails within an hour or two away.

exercise with your dog - hiking


This is a fun activity and your dog can easily be involved if they enjoy catching things that are thrown around. For even more fun you can invite some friends and make it a group event for both you and other dog owners. It can be done nearly anywhere there’s a decent size open field with minimal trees unless you’re better at it than myself.

Enjoy frisbee but don’t always wanna have your dog? Check out your area to see if there are any local ultimate frisbee groups.

exercise with your dog

Bike to Work

Biking to work is a great way to see your city. This is a good way to explore and get exercise as long as you live relatively close to where you work. It saves on gas for your vehicle as well making it good for the environment. You can also bike to parks, the grocery store, library, mall, or almost anywhere. Of course make sure if you bring your dog along they are allowed with you.

Need another incentive to exercise? Check out the app Sweatcoin, you earn points for steps and such when you exercise outdoors.

exercise with your dog


Somehow this hasn’t really become something very well known. I’m unsure why as it pretty much is a real life treasure hunt. There’s apps you can use on your phone for this. You get coordinates specified by a GPS and then look for the hidden cache that contains trinkets or other items inside. Once you find it, you take what’s inside, and replace it with something else that you have. It’s a fun filled adventure which makes exercise more fun.

exercise with your dog - get fit with your dog

What other fun ideas do you do to exercise with your dog and make it fun? Let me know in the comments. 

get fit and include your dog

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  1. I LOVE this & I’m sure my mum’s pooches will too – especially frisbee. Betty & Stanley love nothing more than chasing basically anything. And Lolly, well she just follows wherever Betty goes although she’s too tiny to be a contender. Definitely sharing this post with my mum to give her some extra ideas for getting her & those pups moving.

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