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Leaves are starting change and the weather is cooling down which means fall season is near. When fall season begins, it’s important to make sure your dog is ready for the new season too. Coming from warm or even hot weather to the cooler weather is nice but it’s also a change. It can even mean more outdoor activities. So below are some fall dog essentials.

The following tips will be helpful to make sure your pup has a great pumpkin season.

fall dog essentials - German Shepherd Hiking Adventure

5 Fall Dog Essentials

  1. Diet – Dogs tend to use more energy to keep warm and the weather gets cooler. This. means you may need to adjust their food portions during the fall and winter months. Be sure to check with your vet prior and see if your dog needs it or will benefit from slightly bigger food portions.
  2. Water – We are always making sure the water bowls are full for our dogs in the spring and summer months because it’s warm. You’ll want to make sure they still get plenty of water during the colder months. If you keep water bowls outside, you’ll want to make sure they don’t freeze over but that they also stay clean too.
  3. Shedding – Many think dogs shed mostly or only in the summer months but some dogs will shed at the end of summer to start growing in their winter coats. Make sure you are still brushing daily as needed for your dog.
  4. Bedding – The tile floors are usually cold which is nice for dogs during the summer months but as the weather gets colder, you’ll want to bring out some blankets or make sure you have dog beds where your dog likes to relax to they can stay warm. Be sure to wash blankets or clean beds weekly to keep them clean.
  5. Flea/Tick – Fleas and ticks are always a concern for the majority of pet owners. Fall and winter is no different according to most vets. Many do recommend year round preventative. It’s better to use preventative methods over waiting until you see the issue arise. Of course, discuss this with your vet so you do what is best for your dog.

Bonus Tip

If you leave town for the holidays, make sure you have that set up and planned around a month or more prior to leaving. Holidays are a busy time for dog boarding facilities so make sure you have it planned early or get a neighbor or friend to know ahead of time if they’ll be watching your dog. With that, also have backup plan as things can happen unexpectedly. I see it happen often where I live that a day or two before someone leaves, the dog sitter backs out and they have to scramble to find a place or someone else to watch their dog. You’ll want them to be licensed and insured if they’re a business.

fall dog essentials - border Callie dog in forest

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