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Exercising German Shepherds

If you own or ever met a German Shepherd, you’ll understand just how full of energy they can be. Of course there are exceptions to this but the majority of them are highly active. With this energy though you also have a very smart dog who is willing to learn and wants to please you, their owner. Here are some ideas for exercising German Shepherds.

We know they are often used as police and military dogs or as protection dogs for personal use as well. How can you train them to be so obedient will be a post for another day but they are willing and able to perform their jobs and tasks thanks to getting plenty of exercise. These are some basic tips for the everyday regular owner of a German Shepherd.

Keeping your German Shepherd happy and sane, you know they need ample amounts of exercise and mental stimulation. The exercise also helps them to stay fit and healthy. Another bonus to keeping your German Shepherd healthy from exercising, is that they are typically less destructive or not destructive at all simply because they aren’t bored.

Exercise is Essential

Most of us work a typical 9-5 job or even a job that has hours scattered randomly on different days but have us work an 8-9 hour shift. Leaving your dog home alone this long without giving them proper exercise will lead to boredom. A bored German Shepherd is more likely to become destructive. Wondering why your dog is destroying doors, walls, and furniture? What about urinating when it’s something they know they shouldn’t do? It’s because they are bored and didn’t get proper exercise and playtime before you left for work and perhaps they know they won’t get it upon your return either. Exercise isn’t just simply taking your dog for a walk or a short run, it’s about stimulation as well. Letting them smell while on a walk works their nose, but also their mind as they try to figure out what the smell is from. So be sure to set a few hours a day aside for exercise with your German Shepherd.

4 Exercising Tips

Keep reading to find out just a few fantastic exercise ideas for your German Shepherd.

1. Find the Toy

This is where you get a toy and show it to your dog. You then put them in a stay and go hide the toy in another area. Hide it in a place where your dog can either see it or at least get to it. Be sure to use a toy or a bone that your dog absolutely loves. You can also do this outside by digging a hole and burying the toy or bone. They will be anxious to go find it. You can also try hiding the toy in a bush (on the ground) or on a low branch within their reach. If your German Shepherd loves sticks, you can even use that when hiding the object outside.

Exercising German Shepherds

2. Hide and Seek

Here’s another good idea, especially for days you want to stay indoors. With this exercise/game you put your dog in a stay while you go hide. Once ready, call your dog to find you. This can be a trained command you taught them or simply a variation of the “COME HERE” command. It’ll help them when they first learn to call their name as well while you continue to hide. This will help them learn they are trying to find you.

3. Go Swimming

Swimming is great exercise for your dog. I understand not all dogs like water but if your German Shepherd does, you should totally swim with them. You can do this at a pool or a lake. Anywhere that’s safe for you and your dog to swim. To even make it more fun and provide a bit more exercise you can play fetch in the water. Just be sure to use a ball filled with air or a dog toy that floats in the water.

Exercising German Shepherds

4. Play Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog can be done with a ball or with a frisbee. Sometimes one is preferred over the other. My German Shepherd is crazy for tennis balls so that’s what I typically use. I will change it up though and use a frisbee sometimes. This is a great activity for your dog as it gets them to run around but also follow commands. You can throw the ball or frisbee and make them wait to get it until you release them. Then call them back and have the drop it in a specific spot or in your hand. This is great fun for them and also good for training at the same time. This is another great tip for exercising german shepherds.

Exercising German Shepherds


I left walking, running, and hiking off this list because I feel those are some things that all dog owners typically do for exercise with their dog. I wanted to make this post creative with some new ideas. What are some ways you exercise your German Shepherd? Has it helped them to be less destructive?

Exercising German Shepherds


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