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Today I’ll be doing a review on Brothers Complete Dog Biscuits. They sent me 4 bags of their biscuits in different flavours; We received Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, and Venison dog biscuits.

We cannot thank them enough for sending us these treats to try out and review. Kai (my german shepherd) and Wrangler (my Australian shepherd) went crazy for these as soon as I brought the box inside. I of course let Evee (my Italian greyhound/chihuahua mix) try some as well and she loves them too!

dog with brothers complete
We love these treats for so many reasons:

🔹Made in the USA

🔹Brothers Complete is FREE of ingredients containing GMO, Grains, Sugar, Hormones, Antibiotic, Potato, Chemical Preservative

🔹You get many dozen treats per bag

The treats are so natural that they are great for any dog!

These treats are extremely healthy for your dog as they are HIGH protein.

In every 1 pound bag there are an estimated 90-100 treats which is so so great! One last perk? They are crunchy, wholesome, and nutritionally balanced.

Rated: 10/10

dog with brothers complete biscuit on paws

Kai balancing them on her paws, she wanted to devour them but she’s training to learn patience which is her WAIT command.

We fully will be continuing to support this fantastic company as their treats are very high quality and all my dogs love them. Brothers Complete also makes dog food which is very high quality as well and quite nutritious for your energized pup. If after reading this you have any hesitation, although you shouldn’t, you can of course contact them. Their customer service team is superb.

4 thoughts on “Brothers Complete: Dog Treat Review

    1. My dogs love these and they have so many great benefits! They can be found on Amazon or from Brothers Complete.

    1. I believe they only have a few brick and mortar stores in FL but you can order them from their website or from Amazon. I linked them to Amazon on this blog post 🙂

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