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Today I’ll be reviewing a fantastic company that creates super cool and creative dog tags. They can be a design they have made or you can upload and create a design you made and it can be out on the dog tag! How cool is that?! 

This company is Dog Tag Art (@dogtagart on Instagram). Go check them out

Below are the 4 designs I picked out for my pups. I did indeed pick sports teams but they have plenty of other options and ideas! 

The Pet ID Connector is super amazing and easy to use. Makes putting it on a collar a breeze! They provided some different colour options too. 

Plus they have a glow in the dark Tag silencer that goes around the collar. No noise so when dogs play and run around you don’t get bothered by a clink sound. 

Here is Kai my German Shepherd with her shepherd tag! It stands it nicely on her darker fur, I LOVE it! 

Here is Wrangler sporting lots of matching Michigan gear. But you can see how cool the tag is here too. 

These are AMAZING QUALITY and I highly recommend them to anyone with a dog! 

Their website is:

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