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When you live with dogs yourself, you may have searched how to get the dog smell out of your house. This is something I have spoken to multiple dog owners about. They either want it out or don’t notice it until a guest comes over and brings it up in conversation. The dog smell isn’t always extreme. If you only have one dog it won’t be as bad as if you own five or six dogs. Typically the more dogs you have, the stronger the smell is.

Get Rid of Dog Smell

Get Rid of Dog Smell

This is something we all strive to do as pet owners and here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep a cleaner and better smelling home with dogs.

1. Clean Your Home Regularly

Cleaning your house when you are working all day and busy after work with life can be tough but it’ll help contribute to a better smelling house. This is also something you most likely already are doing. In order to help take it up a notch you may need to improve the  materials and products you are using to clean with. As stated previously, being busy and cleaning a bit less is totally understandable.

  • Steam Clean Carpets
  • Leave Carpet Powder on overnight or use baking powder instead. Make sure to keep your dogs away from it though.
  • Use baking soda on mattresses, couches, or other like surfaces
  • Remove it all by vacuuming
  • Vacuum at least once a week, more often if your house is mostly carpet
  • Sweep floors daily or at least every other day
  • Mop floors with a water and vinegar mixture using a 3:1 ratio

2. Wash Covers of any Surface Dog hangs out on

This includes your bedding such as sheets and comforters. If you allow your dog on your couch then you’ll want to remove those covers and wash them as well. The sooner you wash it or use a fabric cleaner safe for your couch or other surfaces, the less likely the dog smell will get in deep and linger. Getting a dog bed that has a removable cover makes cleaning the dog bed so much easier.

3. Clean the Dog Cage

If you kennel your dog or simply have a kennel for your dog that they can hang out in anytime, you’ll want to clean it. This includes anything that is in there as well. From a dog bed to toys and even the plastic crate bottom.

4. Air out the House

Opening windows and doors when you can allows fresh air to come inside and the stale air to leave your house. This is also helpful to get the dog smell out of your house and bring in good fresh smelling air.

5. Improve Air Quality

Using an Air Purifier can also help keep your house smelling good as it keeps the air within your house fresh. I use one that looks nice and can cover nearly my entire house as my dogs do roam and can pretty much relax anywhere they please.

Get Rid of Dog Smells from your home

Tips to Get Rid of Dog Smell from your Dog

So clearly, as we know from owning a dog, they all have some sort of odor or scent they give off. Now some can be smellier than others and it depends on a few things. This can be anything from them getting dirty to their specific breed. These are a few things that will help keep your dog smelling their absolute best.

1. Bathe Your Dog Properly

The way to best bathe your dog is to first check them over for dirt on them or in between their toes. You also want to check their butt for any poop as that will be a big reason as to why your dog is stinky. Be sure to also check them over for fleas, ticks, and anything else that may end up on your dog. Wet your dog down and then use a good pet shampoo on them and scrub them all over. Be sure to wash their ears and feet as well as any other extra dirty spots you found when looking them over prior to the bath. You’ll want to be sure to get all the shampoo off them. If not, their skin can be oily and oily skin can cause them to have an odor.

Drying your dog thoroughly will also help to prevent their skin from being oily too. Clean your dogs ears of any wax as that’s a place where smells come from quite often. This is a good thing to do after a bath. If you notice their ears get bad wax or has a funky odor, consult your veterinarian.

2. Address Medical Concerns

These medical concerns are pretty basic. They can be any allergies your dog has, as this can cause skin to be oily or dry out. These allergies can be anything from food allergies to environmental allergies. If your dog has bad breath, then looking into some sort of oral dental care is a must. This may require something as extensive as a teeth cleaning for your dog or as simple as giving them breath freshening treats.

No More Dog Smell in Your Home

I hope these tips have helped you have a better smelling home and a good smelling dog as well. We all want our house to be clean and smell nice but not have to sacrifice having a dog. So let’s be proactive and share your tips and tricks to keeping your dog smelling amazing and your house not having a dog smell too.

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