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Honestly, I’m not what is making me write this post. It could be the mug I have sitting on my desk that I am sipping currently or the fact that all three of the dogs are in the room with me. I have one by my feet, one in my lap, and the other is on the bed. If I’m going to be real with you, I’m a total dog mum. There, I said it! I may have a little human but I’m still the biggest dog mum ever. If you are anything like me, you always wanna do everything with your dogs. Crazy enough, I own more bandanas for my dogs than I do shirts for myself. The dogs I have are maybe a smidgen below my child, if not equals. Do you have any of your own rad dog mugs?

Dog Mugs

If you are an avid coffee drinker or tea drinker like I am, you’ll hopefully adore these mugs. They prove your love for your dog and show you truly are the perfect dog mum. If I could stay home 100% of the day or only leave to go someplace I can bring my dogs to, I completely would. How cute and true is the statement on this mug? I absolutely adore this one. You can find all the mugs from this amazing Etsy shop.

dog mugs


Looking for one that shows how you just stay on the couch for hours when you aren’t working and binge watch shows on Netflix with your dog? I have found you the perfect mug for that. I’m totally this person, I have my dogs on my couch when I’m home as I just pick a show to binge watch. There’s plenty of other things I could do, but nothing as satisfying as relaxing and hanging with my dogs getting cuddles from them. This is totally the most wonderful mug I’ve ever gotten and I couldn’t be happier as it’s totally true.


dog mugs, coffee netflix dog cuddles,


Any of these mugs can go for coffee or tea, despite if they say coffee on it. More of a tea drinker though? They created you your own mug that is just about tea and DOGS. This mug had to have been created with tea drinkers (the brits) in mind. I do though, love myself a good cuppa. Tea is delicious at anytime of the day. I’ll never complain or say no to someone who offers me a cuppa tea.

dog mugs, tea mug


I know these mugs are super simple but they are just too wonderful and cute to not share with you all. Do you plan to get one of these dog mugs? Which mug of theirs is your favorite? They do plan to continue adding more designs and start featuring dog breeds as well on their mugs. HOW COOL IS THAT?! They are a great company who listens to their customers so contact them with ideas or questions you have.


Finally you can check out this past post of Life Hacks for Dog Owners.

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