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As the holidays are approaching, more of us are searching for the most perfect gift ideas. Here are some fantastic gift ideas to give to those who are obsessed with their dogs or just dogs in general. I’ve done the hard work and scoured the web for you. I’ve put together this great list of ideas for making the dog lover happy this holiday season. Do you struggle with gifts for dog lovers? Here’s a fantastic list of gifts to check out and get for them.

Dog Lover Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. The Perfect Dog Lovers Mug

This mug is perfect because it can be customized to any breed OR you can check out their other selection of mugs that are perfect for the dog lover and owners. This small business also donates 5 lbs of dog food to animal shelters and rescues.

2. Life Saving Bracelet from Lokai

Here is a great gift for those who are somewhat minimalists. This bracelet gives back $1 for every bracelet sold in 2018 to the United States Humane Society.

3. Shirt for the Dog Lover and Wine Drinker

If you are a dog lover who also enjoys wine or has a friend that does, then they definitely need this t-shirt. It’s just so perfect!

4. Luxurious Odor Controlling Couch Throws

The perfect addition to make your couch look fancy and keep the pet odor under control. These couch throws from Pack & Den are the perfect addition to your home.

5. Coffee with a Cause

What’s better than drinking coffee? Drinking coffee and knowing you have also helped feed animals in the shelter.

6. FREE Sticker

This sticker is a great addition for any dog lover or really any pet owner. It’s free and allows first responders to know that you have pets inside your home. We never expect bad things to happen but emergencies do and this is just helpful in making sure your pets get out safely.

7. Matching “Best Friend”  Necklace and Dog Tag

Who wouldn’t want everyone to know that their dog is their best friend? You are truly your dog’s best friend. Get this awesome necklace and dog tag duo.

8. “Drinking Alone” Beverage Can Sleeve

This company has a few different designs to choose from but your beverage is always going to be better in a dog related koozie sleeve.

9. Rainbow Bridge Lava Memorial Bracelet

Maybe your dog loving friend just lost their beloved pet. This bracelet can be a nice gesture and reminder of their dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge.

10. Dog Socks

Create some awesome and fun CUSTOM dog socks. Wouldn’t it just be so rad to have socks with your dog’s face on it?!


Perfect Gifts for Dog Lovers and Dog Owners

What are some gifts you would want to get as a dog lover or dog owner? Let me know in the comments below!


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