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I hope you didn’t think I forgot the most important family member for gifts. I totally didn’t but decided to save your dog for last. I’ve covered Dog Moms and Dog Dads for gift ideas and now we have gifts for dogs! Here is an amazing holiday dog gift guide.

Dog Gift Guide for Toys

Dog Gift Guide
Plush Dog Toy
ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz
  1. This super festive plush set of happy hour drinks is adorable and perfect for dogs who enjoy plush toys. They have a water bottle to make the crinkle sounds and a squeaker at the top. Also you can switch out the water bottle when needed.

2. Barkbox. Seriously this dog subscription box has fun toys for your dogs. The box is themed each month and they’re always cheeky. The treats are sourced and made in the USA too. Use our link for a FREE month of BarkBox on your 6 or 12 month subscription.

Dog Gift Guide
PetQwerks BarkBone
Bacon Dog Chew

3. Petqwerks has a variety of toys and chews. I get my dogs so many things from them all year long but definitely always something for the holiday season too. I find myself getting a few packs of the bubbles as well as a few BarkBones. They have a bunch of different style options for the BarkBones in different sizes too. They also have plush toys and interactive toys as well.

4. Puzzle toys are great to keep your dog occupied and work on mental stimulation. This can help tire your dog out as they have to really use their brain and think and work to get the treats out. I have a bunch of these puzzle toys and use them for my dogs a few times a week if not daily. They can also be great for feeding if you feed kibble or even freeze dried.

Dog Treats

Dog Gift Guide 
Real Dog Box
Dog Chews
Dog Treats

1. Real Dog Box. If you want some amazing single ingredient treats and chews, then Real Dog Box is the BEST solution. Using this link, you’ll get a totally FREE bag of treats in your first box. You can request certain proteins to not be in your box whether it be for allergies or another reason. I highly recommend you check this box out.

Dog Gift Guide
Dog Treats
Wufers Dog Treat Cookies

2. Cookie Box from Wufers. I’ve ordered these treats a few times before and my dogs love them. I love that the price is really good and there is a variety of treat options to pick from. Wufers is also based out of London, Ontario.

3. Farm Hounds Treats has a variety of high quality treats and chew options to pick from. I’ve ordered their jerky treats a few times and tend to most commonly order their hide rolls. They offer the hide rolls with and without fur and I tend to go for with fur as my dogs love those ones.

Dog Gift Guide – Dog Gear

Custom Dog Leashes
Gift Guide for Dogs
Dog Gift Guide
Kai's Ruff Wear Rope Dog Leash
  1. Leashes that give back from Kai’s Ruff Wear. These leashes can be customised and are all handmade so you can make them unique and special just for your dog. They have solid colours, tie-dye, rainbow, and so much more to offer.
Dog Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs
Pet Gear Studios Custom Dog Tag

2. Pet Tag from Pet Gear Studios. All of my dogs have one of these tags and we absolutely love them. They have survived our adventures through the woods, ocean, and creeks. They have a variety of color options to pick from as well as solar and glow in the dark options too.

3. Dog Beds are always a great gift for your dog. This is a calming donut bed and they have a great selection of sizes for dogs ranging from under 10 lbs up to 150 lbs. You can check out the bed and sizes on their website.

Dog Gift Guide
Dog Clothes
Found by Fetch

4. Clothes for your dog. My good friend runs her own website where she has a variety of items to pick from and that includes dog clothes. Be sure to check out what is available, usually there is a fabulous selection and all are high quality.

Adventure Dog Gifts

If you are someone who adventures often with your dog or goes camping or you plan to, then here are a few things I love to have or I suggest you get and making them a holiday gift is a great idea.

  1. Outdoor Camp Blanket is always good to have. Whether using it camp sites or while taking a break during a long hike, it’ll be nice to have a soft and thick blanket for you and your dog to relax on.
Rex Specs
Dog Gift Guide
Gift Ideas for the Adventure Dog

2. Rex Specs are amazing for any adventure. I use them daily, especially while playing fetch because so much sand and debris gets into the air while my dogs run. It’s great while hiking to keep branches and other things from getting in or injuring your dogs eyes. Seriously, this is a worthy investment and gift for your dog.

3. This LED Spotlit is great to easily find your dog outside at night. Whether hiking in the dark, while camping, or even just during a night time walk or play in the yard. Being able to quickly and easily find your dog is so important.


Looking for more gift ideas but for dog moms or dog dads? We’ve curated lists for both.

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