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Having a dog is fantastic and can be quite rewarding. Something to remember though is they aren’t cheap to get and definitely not to care for. Dogs require vet visits as well as oral care, food, toys, collar, leash, and more. Those are just a few dog expenses you’ll have for your pet.

Dog Expenses - The costs of owning a dog

Dog Expenses

  • Food. There are a wide variety of options out there and you want to pick what is best for your dog. Mine eat this kibble. I try to do fresh food or raw though as that is more species appropriate.
  • Food and Water Bowls. You can find these at any pet store or even most retail/grocery stores. I have three dogs so I use a water bowl like this.  Two of my dogs don’t gobble down food and use a regular stainless bowl while one would eat her food in two bites so she has a slow feed bowl.
  • Pet Insurance is something to consider. It’s good to have for regular vet checks but also in case something does happen that requires an ER Vet.
  • Dog Shampoo. This will be helpful to bathe your dog. You want a dog safe/friendly shampoo so it doesn’t irritate their skin.
  • Toys. Dog toys are essential for keeping your dog occupied and less destructive. My dogs can play fetch all day long. As puppies, we had so many bones or plush toys to give them when they tried to nip.
  • Dog collar and leash. These are needed in case your dog gets out or for when you take your dog on a walk. You can get these almost anywhere but I prefer rope and go order mine here because they can also be custom made.
  • Dog crate and dog bed. Crate training is important but not everyone feels it is required or needed. There are many crates out there from your standard/basic ones to crates that help dogs who have anxiety. You can also get a dog bed to leave in the crate and/or one for outside the crate.

On the end, you may be spending around $150 for all of that upwards to around $800 depending on what you decide to get and the quality. There isn’t a one size fits all for dog expenses and ownership.

Puppy Expenses

Puppies tend to come with more costs. That includes things such as pee pads and extra chew toys. You’ll also most likely need some extra treats to begin training although adopting an older dog may also require some training as well.

Start grooming as soon as you get your dog. This will help them to adjust to enjoying it more, especially if you get them as a puppy. This includes things from brushing teeth to baths and brushing fur.

Extra Dog Expenses

If you travel, this definitely applies to you. This also may apply if you work long shifts as well. Travelling doesn’t always allow you to bring your dog. This means boarding them at a facility or leaving them with someone you trust. I typically get family or good friends to help care for my dogs because I simply don’t want to board them unless I absolutely have to. This can be quite expensive and I’ve found boarding them is more costly as you have a fee per dog plus extra fees if you want them to have time outside of their kennel to play.

If you work long shifts you may need someone to come over to your house and walk your dog or let them out and play with them. Again, be sure it’s someone you can trust or you can try taking your dog to daycare. I’d find one that has cameras if you do go the daycare route so you can easily check in on your dog from your phone or computer.

Vet visits can get expensive quickly. They need shots and flea/tick preventative as well. If you aren’t all for the vaccines for your dog you can get a titer test which can test the levels of the shot given to them previously to see if it’s still adequate.

Homemade Dog Treats

These are simple and easy and require only a few ingredients you can find at nearly any grocery store.

What are some expenses you had with your dog or puppy that you didn’t expect?

Dog Expenses

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