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Today is Prime Day which is basically the Black Friday in July event for Amazon. They have deals all day long and through today July 16 and July 17. The deals can be on products, not even dog related so it’s perfect to plan ahead or get great deals on millions of products. There will be plenty of dog deals today on Amazon though.

Amazon has given us ideas of some products that’ll be on sale but you’ll have to keep checking to see them all. Some last a few hours while others may last until it’s sold out or the duration of the event.

You must be an Amazon Prime member to partake in this event. You can get a FREE TRIAL of Amazon Prime. To stay up to date on the deals throughout the next 36 hours, click here.

To get the best deals to create a Wishlist or want list. Then you can easily check back and periodically see if any of the items you’re looking for go on a sale or good deal.

     Most Greenies are currently part of the Amazon Prime Day Sale!

Some great dog deals if you want to grab them will be for bully sticks. I’ll post those as soon as they go on sale today. I’ll be stocking up on them once the Prime Day Deal goes live.

Dog Deals on Prime Day

A few examples of Prime Day deals for dogs are:

  • Dog Food (wet and canned)
  • Dog Treats
  • Toys
  • Pet Bowls
  • Collars and Leashes
  • Dog Doormats
  • Car Seat Covers

 Summertime fun and safety for your pup on those water day adventures!

Dog Deals – Sneak Peak




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