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All dog dads are great. Whether you have a German Shepherd, pitbull, beauceron, doodle, or another breed, you’ll find something for the dog dad in your life. This is our list of dog dad gifts for the holidays and has a variety of items to make the holiday season perfect for any fun loving dog dad.

Top 5 Dog Dad Gifts

Dog Dad Shirt

Every dog dad needs a shirt to show off their love for their dog. This company has a variety of dog dad shirts from Best Dog Dad to Working Dogs to breed specific options as well. If you order early enough they can even accommodate most custom requests too. Use code BARKWITHIT to save 10% on your purchase.

Petcube Camera

This super awesome pet camera allows you to check in our your dog and also toss them some treats as well. It will let you say hello to your dog or chat with them if you see them feeling lonely. It’s super awesome!

Embark DNA Kit

This is great for any dog to learn more about them. Got yourself a rescue dog and curious about the breeds? This DNA kit will give you the answers of what breeds make up your pup. Curious about health related issues your dog might have or can possibly get? The health portion of the test can help you discover those or tell you if your dog is clear of them.

Real Dog Box

So this may be more for your dog than the dog dad but it’s a great way for a dog dad to spoil their pup. With a single ingredient from one animal source, your dog is sure to love these boxes. Plus with this link you score a FREE bag of treats in your first box. More to share and more to love with your dog.

5. Fitness Tracker

Who doesn’t want to be able to workout with their dog. Since getting my own pup a fitness tracker I love seeing how I compare to my dogs especially when we go on walks or hiking adventures together. She tends to beat me most of the time but it makes working out more fun because I can include my dog and see how many calories she burns to help make sure she is also eating enough. I highly recommend checking this one out.

More Dog Dad Gifts

  1. Dog Mug
    There are so many fantastic mugs but this one is great because it gives back with every purchase. It’s simple and perfect for any dog dad. Use code BARKWITHIT to save 10% on your purchase too.
  2. Matching Outfit
    How rad would it be to match your dog? This company offers matching shirts for you and your dog. Could totally work for the entire family.
  3. Beanie/Hat
    Need a new hat and want to show off that you love your dog? Check out this beanie or snapback that reads “Dog Dad” on it. Use code BARKWITHIT to save 10% on your purchase too.
  4. Dog Artwork
    This company is PopYourPup and they’re amazing in turning your dog’s photo into a piece of art. Seriously these canvases are phenomenal and more affordable than you think. Plus use the code BARKITPOP10 for 10% off.
  5. Funny Dog Toy
    Are you the dog dad that loves to joke? Then you totally need this so everyone knows you love jookes but it’ll also make fetch time lots of fun for you and your dog. Check out this stache ball.

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