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Dog Coupler

Have you ever considered using a dog coupler? They may also be called a splitter. They are great for trying to walk two dogs at the same time but only wanting to hold onto one leash. It makes life easier in the sense that you won’t have two dogs going different directions while on two 6ft leashes. A couple can take your current leash and then allow your dogs to only go so far in one direction, or opposite directions even before they will learn to walk together better.


I run a small online shop creating dog leashes and collars and a dog coupler has been a requested item recently from my customers. It’s been a great addition to my shop so far as it seems to have created a lot of interest. I have three dogs so I know the struggle of trying to walk them all at the same time and in most cases, I simply don’t. I’ll walk two together but would get frustrated at how the leashes would tangle up or get stuck or weaved through the feet of the dogs. Having the coupler has helped greatly on walks so one doesn’t go 4 ft left while the other goes 4ft to the right. They only get about 2ft apart at most and have learned to stay closer together.

Dog Coupler

What is a Dog Coupler?

This is what a dog coupler is for those who were unsure. On the left hand side you can see where you can clip your leash to it and then you clip each of the leads to your dog. There are many homes that have more than one dog so this was designed to make it easier for those of you to walk multiple dogs. This can even be helpful for those animal shelters/rescues who walk dogs so they can walk two at a time and not have leashes tangled together.

A dog coupler can also be used with a hands free leash for extra convenience.


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