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Welcome to our first ever Treat Tuesday. This is where I’ll go over our top 5-6 chews that I’ve been giving to my dogs that seem to last them a good bit of time. Do note that every dog is different. What lasts my dogs 5-15 minutes or more, may last your dog 15-30 minutes. I’m basing the time the dog chews lasts off my 1 year old German Shepherd and my 4 year old Australian Shepherd.

Dog Chews

Keep in mind that not all the chews I’ll be talking about today are “edible” in the sense that some could be KONGS or similar type chews. KONGS are reusable in the fact you fill them and the dogs “chew” them to get the treats out. These “chews” are really considered toys. For this post, I will mention one chew toy that my dogs have really enjoyed. Bonus is that it lasts a long time for them.

Elk Antlers

These dog chews have lasted my dogs months to years. I tend to order them from an amazingly wonderful small shop that I found on Instagram. One thing to note is the length of time can vary based on if you get them in half or whole and how big they are. The person who runs Chewy Pawz knows their stuff on antlers. My dogs love the deer and moose antlers but they even offer elk antlers and ones that are specific for puppies. I definitely recommend you check them out!

Himalayan Yak Dog Chews

These chews can last my dogs hours to days depending on the size and also if I let them chew it until it’s gone or take it away after 15-30 minutes of chewing. I do my best to let them only chew about 1/4 to 1/2 of the chew but if it is a smaller size, I’ll let them chew the whole thing. Most times I aim to purchase them in bulk so I either buy a 3 or 5 pound bag of them from EcoKind. I absolutely love shopping with them and they offer a variety of other chew and treat options that I’ll add to our order for my dogs as well. If you do shop with EcoKind using, be sure to use the discount code PETLOVE10 to save 10% through June 11, 2020.

Pet Treats

Bully Sticks

These chews may only last my dogs around 30 minutes at most typically, unless I get the monster bully sticks but I have a few companies I love to shop at for these when buying online. One choice is Trudog, they sell them in a pack of 6 which is good if you only want a few, want to try them out, or only have one or two dogs. Plenty of times I’ve purchased a few bags from them to just have a larger amount because I love the quality of them. Plus they don’t stink. I also like that this company sells a treat value pack which has a variety of treats that you can have your dog try.

PetQwerks BarkBones

PetQwerks is a company I found on instagram. They have a website and are also sold on amazon. This company makes safe and durable bones that your dogs can chew. These bones are made with natural fiber and nylon. My dogs love these and I’ve been using them for years with zero issues. They last my dogs weeks to months and my dogs can truly be aggressive and nonstop chewers. The go to for my German Shepherd is the Petqwerks Steak BarkBone. My Australian Shepherd is basically obsessed with them all, especially the newest creation which is the Wish BarkBone. I definitely recommend you look into these if you have a chewer of a dog.

Top Long Lasting Dog Chews

Compressed Raw Hide

I’m sure you are shocked that this is even on the list but this isn’t your traditional rawhide. This is safe, fully digestible, and naturally dried without the use of chemicals or bleach. So these totally don’t expand like traditional rawhide does. I have two companies that I tend to purchase these from. Those companies are Raw Feeding Miami and Raw Paws Pet Food. Both companies are fantastic in my opinion. If you purchase them from Raw Paws be sure to use the code WRANGLING15 to save 15% off your order.

I like buying the bulk pack for large dogs usually. At times I will order a few packs of the rolled ones as my dogs seem to prefer those. If you have a lot of dogs or many large dogs, I’d suggest getting this bulk pack as it’ll give you the most bang for your buck. You will also get the additional 15% off using our discount code mentioned above.

Dog Chews that Last a Long Time

Trachea Dog Chews

When it comes to trachea, I can easily find beef trachea online and at pet stores. It’s a great chew for your dog. One way I like to make it last longer and keep my dogs more engaged, is to stuff the trachea. Another way to save some money with trachea is to buy the longer ones and cut them down to be smaller. It’s a great way to only give your dog a 2-3 inch piece for them to enjoy it all. These small piece can be stuffed too for a longer lasting chew. Depending on the size, my dogs will finish an empty trachea in a few hours whereas a frozen and stuffed one can last a good part of the day, if not a bit into the next day.

Fun Facts

I’ve learned my dogs don’t always want these large and massive bones. My dogs like medium sized chews in most cases. If I buy antlers, my dogs seem to prefer the ones that are odd shaped. This allows them multiple spots to hold onto it for better chewing. As always, be sure to supervise your dog with any chew or bone. Take it away when needed. Also, getting the right size chew for your dog is important. Not all dogs can handle antlers or other chews.

My dogs absolutely love chewing bones. I’m always happy to give them a good quality chew when I need to keep them busy. Do your dogs have a favorite chew? Let me know what that is in the comment section below.

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Top 6 Long Last Dog Chews - Dog Bones that really last!

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