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Dog Baths

Whenever I go to bathe my dogs, I always dread it. I get myself mentally prepared and get them into the bathroom. Honestly, my dogs all don’t really enjoy water hitting them. They don’t mind a dip at the lake or creek because they can walk in on their own accord. With a bath, they feel forced into something that seems “scary” to them. The best way I get them adjusted to dog baths are by giving them treats whenever they go in the bathroom and don’t leave when I turn on water. This way they become adjusted to the sound and accept it as something positive, not negative.


Bathing your dog isn’t just getting them wet, scrubbing shampoo on them, and rinsing them off. There’s much more to that. You have to pick out the proper shampoo, decide how you will dry them off, and where it will take place. I always search out for great smelling shampoos but ones that also don’t have any harsh chemicals to cause irritation on my dog’s skin.

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As you can see in the photo above, I simply use my bathtub. This is my Australian Shepherd, who has learned to tolerate baths as he is contantly getting covered in dirt, mud, and other outdoor things. As he sheds a great deal, this deshedding shampoo by Tropiclean is fantastic and smells great! I typically rinse him, get the shampoo gently scrubbed throughout his fur, wait about 1-2 minutes and simply rinse it out. If his fur isn’t as soft as I’d like I do use the deshedding conditioner by Tropiclean as well.

Drying Your Dog

Drying your dog is another task within itself. This is obviously needed so your dog doesn’t get everything and everyone soaked in your home. I have tried quite a few dog towels and they truly are better than your typical bath towel. Why? This is because they are far more absorbent. I’ll list my top 3 choices below. I have 3 dogs, so I always have these handy.

  1. Bright Microfiber Dog Towel
  2. Microfiber Paw Print Dog Towel
  3. Soft Terry Cloth Dog Towel

Another great item to keep handy for your bathroom floor after bathing you dog is the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. I always keep at least two of them so I can use one on the floor as my dog steps out of the tub and one to dry him as he gets out. It’s super absorbent.

Not sold on just using a towel to dry off your dog? They do sell power dryers that are similar to a hairdryer but more powerful. No worries, they don’t harm your dog. They truly do come in handy if you have a long-haired dog or one that seems to just keep the water on its fur. I totally fell in love with my force dryer on my dogs because after a good towel dry they get finished with the force dryer to keep away that wet dog smell. Here are some other ones that my friends own and trust (no worries I’ve used them as well).

Where do your dog baths happen?

Mine typically happen in my bath tub but you can always invest in a dog grooming tub. They are an additional cost and not required but personally, they make bathing your dog easier. The two affordable dog grooming tubs I have used are Booster Bath and this stainless steel tub. If money isn’t a problem and you want the best and have the space for it, getting this particular stainless steel tub is perfect. These are typically found in professional dog grooming places but are so amazing! Haven’t seen something you like or that you can get your dog into? Here is another great option that your dog can easily walk into. It’s a Pet Wash Enclosure that will make them feel like it’s a great spa day!

Bonus Dog Bath Tip:

Be sure to give your pup a treat whenever they jump in the tub, during the bath, and once they are done. If you use the force dryer, be sure to provide extra love and treats until they adjust. Once adjusted, and even well trained, be sure to keep a few treats handy during bathtime so they know they did well. It’ll keep them happy and you happy.

What’s it like for you when giving your dog a bath? Do they enjoy them or simply dislike them?

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8 thoughts on “Dog Baths – Tips and Tricks for Grooming

    1. We usually get it from Amazon but also are able to pick it up at the pet store as well (Petsmart, Pet Supermarket, Pet Land) or shop local pet stores if you have any nearby.

    1. My Aussie enjoys baths and water most of the time. My GSD freaks out still over water but she’s getting better.

  1. My guy is over 100 lbs. The first time we did a bath it was in the walk-in shower. I gave him lots of beef jerky treats. The next day he was sitting at the bathroom door ready for another bath with jerky. Those dog chamois sound good.

    1. Totally smart for dogs over 100 lbs. my GSD is the largest and weighs around 75 lbs. she will somewhat tolerate a bath but gets better every time.

    1. You’re so welcome. It took a lot of trial and error to see what would work for my dogs as every dog is different. My dogs are food driven so treats are perfect. Good luck!

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