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Reasons for a good cotton rope dog leash and collar

When deciding on what kind of collar and leash you want for your dog, you typically overlook this and grab whatever you think is cute or fitting for your personality and for your dog. Getting the right type of collar and leash first can save you troubles in the future, such as having to buy new ones. The right leash and collar can make your dog happier, be more comfortable, and even prevent injury! What is the right type you ask? Cotton rope dog leash and collar sets are the answer!

I totally understand why most people don’t automatically get their dog a rope leash and collar first. Most pet stores don’t sell them so we end up getting whatever is available which is typically a nylon leash and collar. Nylon and synthetic type leashes are usually easiest to find and the cheapest option. There is a better option though! A rope leash and collar is better.

cotton rope dog leash

Why should you get your dog a cotton rope leash and collar?

High quality cotton is used to make cotton rope dog leashes and collars. This has multiple benefits, mainly being for your dog. A cotton rope collar is much more comfortable for your dog. It will cause less irritation and won’t cause their fur to knot up or tangle. Additionally, they also don’t tighten around your dog’s neck and they don’t feel rough on your dog’s skin. The majority of dog owners will always have their dog wearing a collar with tags incase they get out of the house or backyard. The perk to a cotton collar is that your dog will barely notice it is wearing the collar and it won’t cause them to itch or scratch to try to get it off.

Typically speaking, there are so many benefits to a rope collar as well as rope leashes. The high quality cotton rope is soft so it won’t both you, the human, on walks or runs with your dog. Cotton rope is totally natural so it’s a fantastic vegan option as well. Cotton leashes and collars are totally eco-friendly and affordable although they may cost a bit more than your typical nylon leashes, they are fantastic quality!

Where can you purchase rope leashes and collar?

You can purchase them online and I totally recommend Kai’s Ruff Wear. They are an Etsy shop but have 5 star reviews and can even create custom orders for you! The image above is their Unicorn leash and it’s totally fantastic! They have other styles too or you can simple get a solid color leash or collar as well.

rope dog leashes handsfree
This is an aqua harbour style rope dog leash that is hands-free.

cotton rope dog leash
This is their martingale cotton rope dog leash with collar. A new twist on the typical slip lead styles.

rope collar
This is one style of their collars and it is called the turnaround collar from the loops you can see at the back.


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