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The benefits of coconut oil for dogs is more than just these five. It tends to start with the fact that coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA). It makes a great addition to your dog’s diet and you should definitely take advantage of those benefits it gives to your dogs.

5 Coconut Oil Benefits

These are just a few on the reasons why I give coconut oil to my dogs.

benefits of coconut oil for dogs

1. It can help clean teeth

If you’re wanting a more natural toothpaste for your dog, look no further. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties which makes it a great natural teeth cleaner. It can help eliminate harmful bacteria that live in your dog’s mouth. This helps to prevent plaque from forming and helps avoid dental disease.

The best part is that most dogs enjoy the taste. This makes brushing your dog’s teeth less of a chore. Simply open your dog’s mouth and scrub it on the teeth.

2. Helps improve brain function

Whether you have a younger dog or more of a senior dog, coconut oil can help that brain function. Typically senior dogs may need a little extra simulation to help keep it young. This is common as dogs age, not just in senior dogs.

The benefit of coconut oil can improve cognitive function in older dogs. This is because it provides the brain with more energy in the form of ketones. Ketones promote good nerve and brain function and can help prevent dementia.

3. Weight loss help

Obesity has become quite common in dogs and that can have long term health effects. Overweight dogs can suffer from one of the follow:

  • liver disease or dysfunction
  • diabetes or insulin resistance
  • osteoarthritis or joint problems
  • high blood pressure
  • respiratory difficulties

The coconut oil can help balance the thyroid which helps with weight loss. Studies show feeding a diet featuring MCFAs will help with weight gain. This can potentially decrease the sizes of fat deposits in your dog.

4. Repel fleas and ticks

A natural coconut oil benefit is that it is non-toxic and smells pleasant. A little know use is that in can naturally repel fleas and ticks. Simply rub it on the coat of your dog prior to going on a walk in the woods to help repel the ticks. It can also help to eliminate the mites that cause mange.

Coconut oil is safe unlike most over the counter products. It is also much less likely to oxidize and become rancid like other fats such as fish oil.

5. Disinfect cuts and wounds & soothe cracked paws

Coconut oil benefits almost seem endless from the four above and then this one too. It’s considered to have natural antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. These factors make it an ideal for a natural topical. It totally beats the chemical based products that exist for our dogs. You can use coconut oil to help heal cuts and wounds.

It’s great to use to soothe sores if your dog chews their paws or scratches their ears due to allergies. It can help hydrate and soften cracked paws. Cracked paws happen for a variety of reasons. There is also no worry about your dog licking it off as it is safe to eat.

Coconut Oil Benefits Dosage

What is the ideal dosage?

If you are giving your dog coconut oil daily or every few days, only give up to 1 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight. I recommend starting at 1/4 of that to help prevent loose stools and slowly work your way up.

Make sure it doesn’t contain sugar or preservatives.

What are your favorite coconut oil benefits for dogs?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs, Top 5 Coconut Oil Benefits for Dogs

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