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coastal pet products

Coastal Pet Products

Being a dog mum isn’t always easy but it totally can be rewarding. I absolutely want the best products for my dogs, whether is be food to leashes and collars for safety. Safety is HUGE with me and my family and hopefully it is with yours too. Here you will learn about why I love Coastal Pet Products. One major perk to Coastal Pet is that it is a family business and is made right here in America, the good ole USA! Not only this but they are committed to making the highest quality and most innovative products you can find on the market. They have products for your dog or cat, big or small.

Dog Products

They have so many different products to pick from for your dogs. From a small dog to a large dog, they will surely have it all. The products range from leashes and collars to brushes and grooming supplies as well as toys. I’ve tried out their small nail clippers because I do have one small dog who constantly needs her nails trimmed. The leashes I have are 6 ft in length which is wonderful for me but they have shorter leashes and traffic leads as well. Need a seat protector for your car? They have those too.

Dog Leashes and Collars

I have leashes and collars from them that match for all three of my dogs. They also have gorgeous matching harnesses which I totally love, especially for my smaller dogs because I fear they can slip out of a collar while on a walk, even when fitted properly. Here are 3 of the designed leashes I have. I adore all 3 and find them to be gorgeous. Not photographed are the matching collars but they have them to fit any size dog which I love. These leashes are the Sublime Dog Leash and are double sided. In order from left to right they are the flower teal stripe, blue diamond dots, and aztec yellow chevron.

coastal pet products

Reflective Leashes and Collars

Needing a leash that has a little more padding for comfort for you and your dog? Something maybe not your typical nylon leash material? They have that too, simply check out their website and look up the K9 Explorer Reflective Dog Leash. It comes in 6 totally rad color that are also earth-friendly. Berry k9 reflective leash with collar and harness, coastal pet products

This is the gorgeous Berry color leash with the matching collar and harness. It’s gorgeous and looks stunning on my Aussie. The leash clasp is perfect for the active lifestyle as it is durable and strong but still easy to use and can be clipped to the collar with one hand. These are great for even later in the evening or early morning use because they do have some reflectiveness to them making it easier for others to see your leashed dog and helps keep them safe.

coastal pet products

This goldenrod set is gorgeous and what I personally use for my Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix. She simply looks adorable in it and helps her to be seen as it’s bright and reflective. Those are needed as she is a small dog and she needs to be kept safe and be sure she is seen by others.

Adventure Life

Are you a person who loves long walks or even hikes with your dog? What about camping with your dogs? Then you totally could and should be using this collapsable pet water bowl. It can hold up to 3 cups of water and is flexible making it easy to travel with.

coastal pet products, travel water bowl

It’s so perfect for water but can also hold food as well. It has a small carabiner with it so you can easily attach it to a backpack or knapsack for even easier access. This is simply ideal for those who are always out and about with their dog. coastal pet products

Dog Toys

They have a variety of dog toys too. They have plenty of options from rope toys to canvas and plush toys for your dog to enjoy. Coastal Pet Products even has balls you can use to play fetch indoors or outdoors with your dogs. The rope toys are totally my favorite because those are the best for me to interact with my dogs and play tug with which all three of them truly enjoy playing.

For the days I bring them to the beach I always keep the Rascals Feisty Flappers Mesh Dog Toy in the car with us. It’s totally awesome, big enough for the dogs to see and FLOATS! Dogs are all about fetch (most anyways, not all dogs) so it’s perfect for beach days or days at the lake where you can throw it in the water and your dog can happily fetch it and bring it back to you.coastal pet products, dog toy float

What is your favorite dog product? Which product do you plan to get for your dog?

Let me know below in the comments. I feel I can never have too many leashes or collars for my dogs but toys are totally awesome.

Needing food storage ideas? Check those out from Coastal Pet by visiting their website here.

coastal pet products

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